Hour Withdraw Review: Do You Have All the Facts?

Hour Withdraw is a cryptocurrency trading site that offers investment plans with an hourly fixed rate of return. They deal in short term investment options and claim to have investments in crypto trading as well as cryptocurrency mining. They claim to be experienced and deal with many cryptocurrencies in order to achieve high short-term profits. They claim to offer instant payouts and you could earn close to 1% per hour on your investment. As an investor, seeing a 1% profit every hour makes no sense as this high return cannot be achieved through legitimate trading. This is not the only suspicion regarding their operations. They claim to have 5 year’s experienced but were only running since April 2020. In fact, they use a lot of stock images and other fake info to promote their site, which a reputable company would never do. While the idea of an hourly withdrawal might interest you, it does not mean that anything is guaranteed, and so you should review all aspects of this site in detail before deciding whether it is safe to invest in or not.

Hour Withdraw is a UK based company that was registered in 2016. However, according to the website details, they only began operations in April 2020. This means that they do not have the 5 year experience that they mention. Another thing to look at is the lack of any regulatory details. They are not regulated to provide financial services or investment options. Doing business with unregulated companies is risky as you can lose all your funds. The company does provide an email address to contact: admin@hourwithdraw.com. They have also provided a physical address: Address: Harriet House 118 High Street, Erdington, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B23 6BG. However, they claim that the phone service is only for VIP members. The fact that they have not provided sufficient customer support details, raises quite a few questions on their credibility.

Hour Withdraw Review

Hour Withdraw is based on a simple concept of High Volume Trading where you get instant returns on short term investments. However, they have not provided much details of this, even though they offer extremely high profit margins. The minimum investment is $10 and you can get 1.15% to 1.20% every hour. However, they are not clear whether this amount is based on the initial investment or it is purely profit. The plan also includes an option with the referral commission up to 10%. To earn with this site, all you need to do is invest and wait for the profits. Unfortunately, it’s not as perfect as you may think. The site offers no proof of trading or guarantee that they can provide the profit on a consistent basis.


Hour Withdraw is a cryptocurrency investment site, so they should have some solid trading strategy. They claim to use the High Frequency Trading method where the short terms are traded with leverage in order to make a profit. However, they only provide an overview of this strategy and do not explain exactly how they plan on utilizing leverage or any other trading tools. If you look at the best return using such trading strategies, then they are not even a fraction of what this site is promising. Besides, they did not include risk management in the trading strategy, so its unclear how the investor will be affected if the trades are unsuccessful.


  • Company: Hour Withdraw
  • Product: Cryptocurrency trading investment plan
  • Minimum investment: $10
  • Trading strategy: High-frequency trading
  • Trading results: Not Verified
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed

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Trading Results

Hour Withdraw has posted some payment proofs on their website to show that they are actually giving returns to their investors. However, none of these payments can be verified and they have not used any third party service to show that the results are authentic. Without authentic and verified trading results, they cannot be trusted for investments. They should at least post some of their successful trades to show that they are a legitimate trading company.

Client Feedback

Although Hour Withdraw claims to have been trading for 5 years, they do not have much customer reviews. This definitely raises some questions on the credibility of their customer base. Upon a closer inspection, one can see that they have only been offering services for a few months, which explains why there are merely three customer testimonials on their site. Also, the only comments that they have displayed on their website, seem to be quite generic and fake.


If you want to invest in a stable investment site, then you should stay far away from Hour Withdraw. They provide a lot of false information on their site and mislead investors. They are also unregulated and do not have any solid trading proof. The impossible returns that they have offered is proof that they cannot be trusted with your investments.

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Hour withdraw $10 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 40%
  • Strategy - 20%
  • Trading Results - 10%
  • Client Feedback - 05%
  • Customer Support - 10%


They are promising lucrative profit returns
They offer an affordable minimal investment


They do not have sufficient customer reviews
The trading results are not authenticated at all
Their trading strategy lacks necessary details

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