Immediate Bitcoin Review: Is it another Petty Scam?

The Immediate Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency software that allows Bitcoin trading on Forex. The cryptocurrency trading platform claims to be the ‘world’s most intelligent Crypto Software’. According to this website, you can easily generate ‘$950 to $2,200 per day.’ This exaggerated profit margin seems highly questionable and has no supportive evidence.

The owner of this bitcoin trading platform is ‘Edwin James’ who is just fictitious. They also have a mobile application for their website. All this informational deficiency makes “Immediate Bitcoin”, appear to be a highly dubious application.

Immediate Bitcoin Review

The Immediate Bitcoin website and application is actually known for its revolutionary automated trading software. This software is considered the world’s most intelligent bitcoin generating and trading software.

The website claims to generate huge profits such as $950 (minimum) per day without costing a single dime to the users.  Furthermore, the website also claims that it also helps with the exchange rate operations.

Our review of this website is that it is definitely a scam. And we have solid physical evidence on it. First, the website layout, sale’s pitch is a replica of another famous bitcoin scam – the  Immediate Edge scam.

Secondly, the registration page and the main sale’s page of the website is similar to one of the highlighted Crypto CFDs scam Software. Both these software has exactly the same video – richer than you ever imagined” at the center of the page. Well if you are thinking that this website is free, then you are wrong. Not only the website/software charge you a fee but also the brokers like UBanker are there to scrape money out of your credit card as well!

Below are a few similar options available for you to consider before making your decision:


The immediate bitcoin software website claims that they have the most intelligent software. Though they have not explained much about their software algorithm and how it works, they have revealed the software program. According to the website, this software has been programmed to trade cryptocurrency only when it suspects its best to earn immediate profits.

Furthermore, the website also claims to use an algorithm that exploits the exchange rate difference between trading. But actually, the website or software has no influence over the Cryptocurrency exchanges including Kraken, Poloniex, or Bittrex. The truth is, this so-called world’s most intelligent cryptocurrency software does not offer what it claims. In fact, it delivers the opposite of what it claims!


Here are some quick facts about the website:

  • Located: Not specified on the website
  • Founded: Not specified.
  • Strategy: Automated bot software that is powered by an advanced set of algorithms.
  • Trading Results: Not verifies and not realistic.
  • Price:$/£/€250deposit
  • Profit: $950 per day.

Trading Results

The immediate bitcoin doesn’t share any trading results on their website. However, the website claims a 98.9% of trading success. In addition to this percentage, they also claim that there is absolute ‘zero risk and immediate reward’. It means they are saying, it’s 100% safe to trade with them.

While it all may seem very fascinating and tempting, the truth is different! First of all, no trading results on the website are a sign that your money is at stake. Secondly, they don’t use safe and secure blockchain technology, which again means you are putting your money at risk. And last but not least, bitcoin trading is a risky thing. There is no surety in this trading that you are always going to earn a profit or no loss at all.

Client Feedback

Everything about this website is fake and that includes the client feedbacks and testimonials. On the website, you will find a number of reviews, in which people are sharing their stories – on how they made money with Immediate Bitcoin Software. No doubt those stories are pretty convincing that this website is a legit one, but that’s totally absurd. None of the stories or even the reviewer are real. In fact, they have used the names and pictures of dead persons to make a fictitious happy customer!


The review of the website is pretty clear. There are so many reasons such as fictitious owners and making daily profit up to $2,200 for free. And then the software that is capable to determine when its best to trade so that the user could earn immediate money. Also, the fact that no trading would result in any kind of money loss is absurd.

In the light of all the facts and the evidence, we declare that Immediate Bitcoin seems to be a scam! And the developers of this website are possibly running a network of bitcoin scam sites to trick traders.

If you want to share or want a review on some other Forex trading website, then feel free and leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts and stories on Immediate Bitcoin, in the comments section below!

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