God’s Treasure Review

god's-treasureGod’s Treasure is a new binary options product developed by Pastor Robert Craig Jacobs and his team. According to the website, this team are about to reveal the secret of the millennium because they discovered a series of financial codes in the Bible’s ancient manuscripts.

Today I will be providing review and letting you know if this is a myth or something we should actually be taking seriously.

God’s Treasure Review

The God’s treasure website consists of a 5 minute YouTube video and an email subscription form. Like almost every binary options product on the market you will have to register and deposit funds with their recommended broker, which in this case is BMBOption, in order to gain access to their recommended signals and auto trading service. In watching the video we can see that there are short snippets of video with a language I can’t understand that this is supposed to represent the finding of a secret financial Torah Code within the Bible. In the video they show us unintelligible characters and they tell us that this is Hebrew and that it will show us how to follow the financial trends.

The video tells us that the God’s treasure code has been placed inside an advanced trading algorithms and it is producing extraordinary results. As is often the case, we are told that the code is in a grave threat and there are many that are trying to destroy it. We see this frequently in the binary options market. Stories the depict a magical strategy so powerful that people want to stop it. When making a financial investment I don’t like to invest based on a story, especially at a story that contains this level of opposition. It’s hard for me to invest my money and something knowing that their people trying to shut it down, that could easily have a negative impact on my money.

At this point in time I’m too skeptical to provide a positive review for the God’s treasure trading system. As much as I would like to believe the pastor’s story and have faith in the magical code that his team found in the Bible, I have to err on the side of caution because that’s the type of investor that I am. If more information comes out about the software and it grows in popularity that I will certainly take a closer look and analyze its potential. If you would like to leave a comment please do so now.


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