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binary-bankrollBinary Bankroll is a new private binary options profit system built to turn $200 into $2500 with no experience required. Despite citing that this is an invite only program, I was able to click on the website to gain access. I never received an invite but I can still access the system like anyone else and I’m sure you can as well. I believe this is just a common marketing technique to make the system seem more mysterious.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if it’s worth becoming one of the hundred new members being accepted every month.

Binary Bankroll Review

One of the first things we are told about the Binary Bankroll system is that there is a catch. The catch is simple, after you generate $2500 in profits you have to return 20% of those profits to continue using the software. I really don’t see how the developers would be able to monitor this and they don’t specify whether or not this 20% is ongoing after hitting the $2500 benchmark. Personally, I find it very difficult to believe that this software will ever hit $2500 in profits.

We are told very little about how the software works. We are told that there is no experience necessary, that we must have an Internet connection and 15 minutes of free time per day. It looks like the trade alerts are sent via Skype and we are shown one sample trade. In this example we are shown the asset, the expiry time to choose, a star rating of the signal and the direction.



Sadly, there are no Binary Bankroll results available. While the developer has had this service available to the public for some time, there are still no trading results. This is quite odd. It wouldn’t be arrogant of me to assume that a product of this nature should have some sort of trading statement or list of signals for us to analyze at this point in time.


In doing further analysis I found that the Binary Bankroll software is associated with IntelliTraders. This group has promoted other unsuccessful systems in the past like Auto Money Generator. It’s very difficult to stay positive about a system that gives us no results and has backed poorly performing systems in the past. It does seem as though IntelliTraders is looking purely to earn through affiliate commissions at any cost.


I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand in regards to the Binary Bankroll trading software. I can’t recommend a product that provides us with zero strategy, zero results and a track record of failure. I will obviously keep a close eye on this software and IntelliTraders to see if they can improve the quality of systems they are providing. At this point, I hope that you will leave a comment or two with your thoughts.

If you are interested in trading binary options successfully then I suggest that you take a close look at the top rated binary options software voted on by the readers here at binary today. In the next 7 to 10 days I will also be releasing a 5 minute trading strategy that is on pace to change the way this market conducts business. Keep an eye out for it, and come back to Binary Today soon.

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