Global Profits App Review

global-profits-appGlobal Profits App is a new binary options product that’s built to turn trader losses into profits immediately. They claim that with a $500 deposit their software will make nearly $3000 a day in today’s market conditions. With $250 this dips to nearly $1,400 a day but as far as I’m concerned these numbers are way too high and are consistent with the get rich quick schemes we often see in this market.

Today I will be reviewing this software so that the Binary Today readers understand whether or not this is a worthwhile investment opportunity. My original thoughts aren’t so positive.

Global Profits App Review

The developers of the global profits app believe that traders using their system can profit because of the greed, stupidity and mistakes of others. The narrator in the short video depicts a situation where “the very people destroying world finances will provide you and your family a phenomenal one percent life-style while the rest of the world lines up for toilet paper and canned beans.” Sounds a little too good to be true, and in this market, that usually means that it is.

The claims the narrator makes in the global profits app video are backed up by quick screen shot images of account balances. The image we see is a TitanTrade account with over $70,000 in the account. Just out of curiosity I decided to go to the members area and put some fake information in and create an account. Much to my disappointment, it registered me with OptionFM. Now, I’m confused, why would the developers of this software be showing us accounts with different brokers that their software doesn’t even work with.

I won’t be providing a recommendation for the global profits app at this point in time. When making investments I don’t like there to be any issues at all. This discrepancy with the results being shown for the wrong broker doesn’t make sense and it’s a red flag that I just can’t avoid. If you have something you would like to add to this review or you think that this comment is too harsh please let me know. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you look around the rest of the website and find out what’s working for the readers here.

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