Dream Catcher – Dream-Catcher.co Review

dream-catcherDream Catcher is a new binary options trading software developed by Matthew Warner. According to Matthew, each one of his members made over $150,000 with his software last month. Now is your chance to get access to this system for free but I suggest you read my review first.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at the software, the developer and anything else I feel is relevant in determining whether or not this is a viable investment for the Binary Today readers.

Dream Catcher Review

The Dream Catcher sales page is not original in any way. There is a short YouTube video, an email subscription form and very little information about the software itself. We are told that the developers of the system are using independent trading servers which allows for the fastest and most efficient trading experience. This is a very common claim made by binary options software producers. This is tied closely to the concept of high-frequency trading which plays no role in binary options but is constantly being promoted to make the system seem more technologically advanced.

All of these automated systems are using platforms with the exact same capabilities when it comes to speed. So, this isn’t something that should be promoted as heavily as it is.

Video Review

Promises and Deception

In presentations like the Dream Catcher where promises are made at every turn it’s easy to spot deceptive marketing practices. At the beginning of the video Warner tells the public that he will award to anyone and everyone $4250 just for taking part in a survey. Yet, I have gone through the entire website and followed through with every single step in the members area without any $4250 gain.

That’s because this is a marketing tactic. It’s very common in the binary options market for developers to make fake promises in order to push more people to make broker deposits.

Binary Trading Results

fake-tradesThe Dream Catcher results section is equally as deceptive as the rest of the website. For one, the live trades box only shows 7 trades and none of them even exist. You can see that they don’t show the price of the asset or even the expiry time. Not only that, the entry times they are providing are currently showing trades from Saturday and as you know the markets are closed Saturday so these trades are clearly falsified.

It’s also looking like this is just a re-brand of a failed binary software called Instant Cash Club.


There’s really no reason to waste anymore time discussing the Dream Catcher. It’s very clear that Matthew Warner is trying to fool us so that we register with a binary options broker and give him a commission. I don’t believe that this developer knows anything about binary options trading and that he should stay away from this market moving forward.

If you are looking for a real binary options software that I suggest you check out Binary5. This is a 5 minute expiry time trading strategy that is proven to win in the short and long-term. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add to this review now and have a great day.

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