Algo Trading Robot – 88.7% Winning Ratio

algo-trading-robotAlgo Trading Robot is a new binary options trading product developed by a professor from Oxford University. The people behind the software tell us that it has a 88.7% winning rate and has only had one losing day in its entire history.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software so you know whether or not you can trust it with your binary options trading accounts.

Algo Trading Robot Review

The sales page for the Algo Trading Robot is very basic. There’s a video presentation, an email subscription form and a few scripts that claim there is only one spot available. This is not true, there are unlimited spots available and this is just a marketing tactic used to make the software seem important by valueing it as a limited time offer.

There are four badges at the bottom of the sales page labeled business verified, privacy verified, security verified and can-spam verified. These are supposed to give off the feeling of safety to the visitors of this page. Yet, if you go to the Trusted Verified webpage you will see that these are supposed to show todays date and link to the TV website but they don’t. Instead, the date on these images is 08-31-16. This is the first deceitful trick so it’s likely there will be more.

Video Review

The Trading Results

If you enter the members area you will see the Algo Trading Robot provides a “live trading results” section. The trades in this section are quite suspect. The amount of each trade is $100 but the payouts vary from $185 all the way up to $825. I’ve never seen a $100 investment result in a winning trade of $825, binary options doesn’t work like this.

Another red flag is the fact that under the live trading results headline it says “Wednesday 14, September 2016.” So, on hand they are telling us that these results are live and on the other they claim they are from over a month ago. It really doesn’t make any sense and it does’t give me a shred of confidence in the product.

The Application

algo-trading-robot-vs-stockbitFrom my extensive research it’s come to my attention that the Algo Trading Robot is using the exact same software as the Stockbit software. This is a software that received a very poor review just a couple weeks ago. There is really nothing positive that I can add about this binary options product.


I really don’t see any good reason to recommend the Algo Trading Robot to you today. The website is full of flaws and deceptive marketing practices. It is clear that they aren’t ready to release this product to the market and should go back to the drawing board.

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