Crowd Profits Review: Does it make sense?

Crowd Profits is an online platform that allows you to invest in ads in return for revenue. They claim that the platform can help you invest in ads that generate revenue each time a customer clicks on their ad. This means that if you get many clicks per day, you’ll see a proportionate increase in your profits. However, because many people are unaware of how online advertisements work, Crowd Profits claims to have a user-friendly site that allows you to invest in the brands that are likely to be trending.

Unfortunately, if you want to contact them for further information, you will not be able to do as they do not provide any e-mail or phone number on the website. However, there is a contract form that you could fill and hope that you get a reply. Otherwise, the only proof that this site exists is the website link itself: As with all businesses the strength of the contact information that a site provides is often an indication of whether the site is legitimate or not. 

Crowd Profits Review

Crowd profits is actually an online platform that claims to be a third party dealer between people who want to invest in digital advertising and the brands themselves. Crowd profits rely on the principle of crowdfunding, where big brands invest a large amount amongst many people to increase their brand awareness. The platform claims to do the same thing for online advertisements.

Many people are looking towards investing in online platforms since they are seen as an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, as much as there is potential for online earning, there are also many scams that are ready to take away your money. This is why it is important to scrutinize every investment plan before jumping onto the bandwagon. If the investment does not make sense in terms of any clear strategy for returns, then you should be wary of it.

Crowd profits offer new investors a unique way of making money through advertisements. While this strategy may not be legitimate, if it is true, then you could make a $4000 profit on a $200 investment. However, you are required to create an account and then invest a minimum of $200 in this account. The site will provide different ad options and you can choose which one to invest in. However, this is quite a risky investment and they do mention that you can lose all your money. Certainly not a great way to convince a new investor. 


The strategy of Crowd Profits is actually what doesn’t make sense. They claim to be a site that funds the ad campaigns of many major brands. However, this is a new concept that cannot be understood easily. Firstly, many major brands already have a significant amount of money to invest in ad campaigns. They don’t need crowdfunding.

Secondly, Crowd Profits would still need other platforms such as blogs and YouTube to advertise on. The only way this can work is if it were linked to affiliate marketing. However, the website states that this is not the case. Unless you understand the trading strategy of a site, you shouldn’t invest as it means trusting them blindly. 


  • Location: Not mentioned
  • Minimum investment: $200
  • Expected return: $4000
  • Strategy: Not explained properly
  • Trading results: Unverified 
  • Contact information: An online web-form

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Trading Results

As with the trading strategy, it is difficult to understand the trading results of Crowd Profits. They claim that their users have made $4000 on a $200 investment. However, this could not be verified from any external party. In addition to this, there have been no external reviews in which customers testify that they really made such profits. A profit of 2000% in a week is simply not realistic and makes one doubt the platform. 

Client Feedback

As this is a fairly new concept, there are very few customers who have actually invested in this program. The ones that have, did not leave a positive review, however. Many reviews claim that it is part of an older scam that dealt in cryptocurrencies and forex trading. All this platform did, was to change the name and trading strategy. Some customers were angry that the site made them lose all their money without giving a report as to why the program failed. 


Investing in digital advertisements certainly has some profit margin. However, there is no way such big profits can be guaranteed overnight. Besides, any site (like Crowd Profits) that does not provide accurate contact information and has no way of backing their claims regarding how much profit you can expect, is most likely to be doubtful. You should always weigh the pros and cons before making an investment and sometimes you should first check if the investment makes sense at all or not.

Now we would want to hear your experiences and opinions about crowd profits. So share in the comments below!

~ Happy Trading!

Crowd Profits $200
  • Price - 58%
  • Strategy - 37%
  • Results - 20%
  • Feedback - 50%
  • Support - 81%


$4000 expected return


No proof
Strategy not explained properly

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