Crazy ATM Review

crazy-atmCrazy ATM is a new binary options trading software that claims to be able to beat brokers at their own game. They feel that their system is the ideal way to achieve financial freedom and that their system is 100% free. We’ve heard this before, and 100% free usually means that you have to sign up with a binary options broker and deposit money, which is not free.

Today I’ll be reviewing this new options system and letting the binary today readers understand if this is a viable trading investment.

Crazy ATM Review

The crazy ATM website is different from most systems as it shows 5 ATM machines in the middle of the webpage. When you click on the info button on the right-hand side of the webpage you are taken to an area that explains how auto trading and manual trading with the system works. Traders are expected to select how many ATMs they want to work at one time and then click trade now. If a trader selects the high risk the system it will open 5 trades at a time at whatever investment you choose. The grammar and spelling on this page are really quite unprofessional and leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. It’s very difficult for me to invest in a trading system at all, so when a binary options developer spells you incorrectly I’m certainly more concerned.

The crazy ATM page is not exactly designed professionally either. We see a scrolling bar at the top of the page that is providing us with wrong outdated prices and the video pop up is not very helpful as it is a cartoon drawing. While I want to believe in this system I feel it’s a little too gimmicky for me to invest my money in. I think that the 5 images of ATMs are unimpressive and they are just being used as a tool to suck-in more investors.

At this point in time I won’t be recommending the crazy ATM to the binary today readers. Like usual, I would like more information from the community before we get involved with the trading system like this. I am obviously concerned with the grammar and spelling mistakes that are quite obvious to any speaker of the English language. I am not in English snob or anything of that sort but if there is a website riddled with issues it’s hard for me to look passed this and start investing money. The point and try to make here is that there are professional investments that don’t make mistakes, so why would I go out of my way to get involved with one that does. Please let me know what you think about the ATM system by leaving a comment or question below the article now. Let’s get the ball rolling and start this conversation today.

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