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Published on February 2nd, 2017 | by John Kane


Binary Review: Lazy Trader App

Lazy Trader App is a binary options trading software promising traders up to $237 an hour with the guarantee of $5000 per day, per client. The developer of the software, Rick Daniels claims that “like many famous self-made multi millionaires” he is a Harvard dropout “with a gift for complex mathematics.” This storyline is used frequently to promote binary options products because it is flashy and draws a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile.

Today we will be providing a detailed review of this trading service and informing the binary options community of all our findings. Please leave your comments and questions below the article if you have anything to add, you are always welcome.

Lazy Trader App Review

According to the sales page the Lazy Trader App “enables you to start making life changing amounts of money on complete auto pilot.” They use a cutting edge lead pattern and have employed a technology that’s constantly monitoring the world’s financial markets using massive data crunching mainframes to pick up on patterns nobody else can spot.

Next to this sales spiel is an image from Google maps that is supposed to represent the location of their data crunching mainframes. Yet, if you take the 20 seconds to scroll up on your mouse and zoom in you can see that there are no data centers at the location pinpointed. In fact, in my city the pinpoint is directly on top of a convenience store, hardly technological.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lead pattern algorithm
  • $5000 per day
  • Runs on any device
  • Free with broker deposit


There are 3 testimonials for the Lazy Trader App, all from regular people claiming to have made enormous amounts of money in very short periods of time. Darrell W tells us that “hanks to Lazy Trader; over $15,000 in my first 3 days! At first I thought Lazy Trader was going to be complicated but it’s been really straight forward.” It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe that these testimonials are true or not but considering we’ve seen hundreds of binary options products in the past fabricate testimonials, this is most likely what’s happening here.

Another testimonial is by Stephanie L who claims that she was part of the beta test. Yet, there is no proof anywhere online that a beta test occurred and none of these testimonials come with trading statements or verified results.

Lazy Trader Results

The results for the Lazy Trader App live up to the name, they are quite lazy. At the bottom of the page you will see an area labeled live trades. Here you can see a collection of 7 trades from the 12th of January. None of these trades show us the expiry times or the prices, so they can’t be verified. It’s also quite odd that the live results section hasn’t updated in 2 weeks. That is a negative.


There’s really nothing on the Lazy Trader App webpage that makes it stand out from any other automated binary options software on the market. There are a handful of promises but there is never any real proof to back up any of the points they are trying to make. In fact, the only proof they provide contradicts elements of the sales page altogether.

Thank you for visiting my review here on Binary Today. I hope that you will check out your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to get more from binary options trading.

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Lonnie Arledge
Lonnie Arledge
3 years ago

John, this is Lonnie again, I have a question!!…is there an honest auto trading software out there??? The reason I ask, is that I also have a mathematical gift, and I know that in this world ANYTHING can be predicted by the Right computer program especially something as basic and simple as the market which is run by Humans!!!! 7/8/9 out of ten trades is no big feat for a super computer if Programed properly!!!! I would like to hear what you have to say on this subject….Thank You!!!!…….,Lonnie Arledge

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