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profit-magnetProfit Magnet is a new binary options software promising to take $11 and turn it into $220 every single hour. They tell us that over 87 current members around the world agree that this is true and possible.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system, the web page and letting the binary options community understand my thoughts on this system.

Profit Magnet Review

The profit magnet website is what we’ve grown to expect from binary options product marketers and developers. There is an overly aggressive video, an email subscription form and some Facebook testimonials that despite my internet acumen, I can’t for the life of me find. There is a table of constantly updating results but I’m always skeptical about these because in my prior research I’ve found that if you come to websites like this on the weekend new trades are still popping up despite the market being closed. I’m not saying that this is the case with this vendor, but it’s certainly a possibility. It doesn’t seem like the other review sites are giving this system a favorable review either which we have to take into account.

The video on the front page isn’t doing the profit magnet developers any favors, especially if they are trying to deter people from believing that this is a get rich quick scam. When the video starts a loud voice comes out of the speakers telling us that we can start making $1000 per day starting today. It’s essentially the same story we’ve been fed by nearly every other binary developer for the past 6 months. Is that enough for me to totally dismiss this product? No, but it’s also not a reason for me to feel positive and make me want to jump in. These types of claims scare me away because so many developers are trying to offer us a product that’s too shiny and perfect.

I won’t be recommending Profit Magnet to the binary today readers at this point in time. While the software could have potential I need to see it before I believe it. I also recommend that this developer focuses on providing us with some cold hard facts about their trading strategy and not continue to tell us it works without proof. I hope this review helps you make your decision regarding this product. If you want to add something to the review please leave a comment or question below. I am always around to help so click Ask John at the top of the page if you want to talk to me personally.


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