Brexit Money Machines

brexit-money-machinesBrexit Money Machines is a new binary options trading system by an unknown developer going by Arnold Palmer. No, Arnold Palmer isn’t the retired American professional golfer with the drink named after him, apparently he’s a binary options trader.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at Arnold Palmer and his new trading system so that the binary today community understand if it’s a viable investment opportunity.

Brexit Money Machines Review

The concept behind the Brexit Money Machines is simple. Palmer tells us that the British vote to exit the European Union has created thousands of new trading opportunities that this software can take advantage of. Thanks to Phoenix artificial intelligence, an aspect of the system that is not explained to us, the money machines can trade automatically on your behalf. According to the website, the software has a 98.4% win ratio which will lead to traders making over $5200 per day without having to lift a finger.

While it’s certainly true that Brexit has led to major market shifts that can be taken advantage of, I have my doubts that Brexit Money Machines is the tool we should be relying on. The skeptical side of me believes that the developer of the system is just taking advantage of the popularity of this news to sell a new software. First of all, there are no results. On the front page of the website there is nothing but a video and the members area is equally as empty. The closest we come to seeing results are 4 testimonials from traders who supposedly started with $250 and ended up anywhere between 87,000 – 300,000 using this automated system. I would have much more faith in this system and developer if they spent the time to walk us through the strategy and give us a statement of past trades so that we could analyze it in depth. Anyone who is not providing these elements is likely selling hopes or dreams and nothing more.


It’s been pointed out already that the very few testimonials on the webpage are using stock images and many binary traders believe that they are fabricated completely. I tend to be leaning in that direction as well.

At this point in time I really don’t see the benefits of the Brexit Money Machines software. The developer of the system has no reputation in the binary options market and the lack of strategic discussion and proof leave me with nothing to go on. I’m obviously not going to watch the video and believe every single thing Arnold tells us, that would be irresponsible. Thanks for reading this review and please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

I do have a quick update, and it’s good news. The 5 minute strategy that I’ve been using over the past few months is just about ready to be released to the public. We have done all our preliminary testing and are moving on to the final stages so expect to see this 5 minute expiry time strategy hitting the market soon.

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