Bitcoin victory review: Scam or legit?

Bitcoin victory claims to have one of the most efficient automated trading solutions for the binary trade market. According to the company, their automated robots can detect which trades are profitable 99% of the time. This seems to be quite a lofty figure and whether this is actually true remains to be seen. However, there are certain indications that you can use to test each platform to check whether it seems legitimate or a scam.

Bitcoin victory has a website layout that is very similar to several other crypto websites and seems to be a template commonly used by similar companies. Although they claim that the company is registered, there is no external regulator, which means that once you invest money in the platform, there is no authority that can keep a check on how they use your cash. This basically means that you are investing at your own risk.

The company also provides very little contact information for an allegedly legitimate site. Although this does not make it a scam right away, you should be wary of such companies that provide limited contact information or do not offer any company related background details. Unfortunately, this points towards the need for regulating the online cryptocurrency ‘investors’. Furthermore, you’ll only get to know which broker you are dealing with after you invest, which means you are trusting someone whom you have no information on.

Bitcoin victory Review

Bitcoin victory is basically a site that uses trading bots to generate profits. You have to sign up for a free account in order to start using this service. However, you won’t have any insights after you make an initial investment, so you’ll have to trust that the information provided by the site is correct. Bitcoin victory works on a system that is similar to many other trading robots.

Although it seems too simple at first glance, there are many other signs that you should be wary of investing in this scheme. Most importantly you’ll have to invest a minimum of $250 initially. However, you’ll be investing this without any guarantee as the site does not provide any specifications regarding how the trading robot actually works.


The bitcoin victory site operates on the simple principle of investing and getting returns. The site claims to have a trading robot that can detect which trades are profitable so that you may not have to bear any losses. While this may seem too good to be true, the site claims that many customers have actually had this experience.

However, this raises suspicions that if the site can operate so profitably, then why is it free? This is one of the indications that it is probably a scam. In addition to this, the exact strategy and trading procedure is not disclosed so you’ll have no idea whether you are making a profit or loss until the broker tells you so. Even then, there is no way of identifying whether this is true or not.


  • Website: Bitcoin Victory
  • Product: bitcoin trading robot
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Site charges: Free
  • Trading results: Not verified

You may be interested in taking a look at some of the similar trading platforms, such as Trade Daily ProFX Coin BotDAX Robot and Green Millions.

Trading Results

Bitcoin victory claim that you can earn profits on 99% of the trades. This is quite a bold claim to make, especially when it does not have such a solid customer base from which to prove this claim. If this were true, it would mean that you would be earning profits on most days and it could make you a millionaire in a single month. The strangest thing is that if many people invest in this scheme, they will all get positive results, according to the claims made by the site. While this is yet to be tested, it seems insane that a free site can make you millions in a single month.

Client Feedback

Most customers have expressed disappointment and shared comments that the broker they were dealing with asked them to deposit more money into the site as they were getting losses through trading. Some people complained that the bitcoin victory site showed that they were making profits, but when it was time to withdraw, the broker claimed that everything was lost in a bad trade.


It makes no sense to trade in a system that does not have transparency or a satisfied customer base. While many trading platform make such claims, they are unable to prove it. Bitcoin victory, may have ‘victory’ in their name, but the customer reviews indicate that they may actually be taking you into losses.

Have you had an experience with bitcoin victory? If so, do share the details with us in the comments below.

~ Happy Trading!

Bitcoin Victory $250
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 34%
  • Results - 24%
  • Feedback - 61%
  • Support - 72%


Trade detection


Lacking proof

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