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quattro botQuattro Bot is a new system that is supposedly being used by rookie traders that are exploiting new technology to cash in over $30,000 on a weekly basis. This sounds a little far-fetched to me but most systems that look like this do.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the binary today readers understand whether or not this is a worthwhile investment.

Quattro Bot Review

The Quattro bot is a new free binary options software by Hines Kline. He claims to be an experienced trader that has been trading binary options his entire life. That contradicts the headline of the website but I’ll listen to more. The developer of this software claims that he was a car technician that had offers from different German car companies but decided to go with Audi because they gave him the creative leeway to learn amazing things that he’s been able to apply in different areas of his life.

In 2008 he retired from Audi and decided to trade stocks I imagine using some method of the Quattro bot. The developer of the system claims that it uses four different strategies and combines them all to create an unbeatable system. The strategies are not discussed at all so I’m really not sure if this is true.

I really don’t want to waste your time so I’m going to go ahead and say I don’t recommend Quattro bot. I was tired of listening to Heinz story about how working for Audi somehow made him some binary options genius so I decided to go into the members area. In the members area there is a timer saying that there’s 30 minutes remaining and then there’s a bunch of what I believe to be fake live statements. This is another free binary options system trying to get you to sign up with the binary options broker and it is not worth your time. I hope you’re not upset that you sent through this entire review to get the recommendation but simply avoid the Quattro bot. That’s the final message.

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