Bitcoin Optimizer review: Is it a legitimate investment or another scam?

Bitcoin Optimizer is an automated trading bot, that is relatively new but claims to provide the most efficient bitcoin trading services. It is based on the automated trading model, so it is basically an investment site as you are not expected to make any trades manually. They have positioned themselves as the best trading alternative in the market mainly due to the fact that the system can help you win most trades. However, this is not an open system, so you will have to register before you can use the platform. Creating an account on Bitcoin Optimizer is quite simple as you are provided with a password and login details. You do not have to pay anything to create an account on this site. However, you will still need to deposit the $250 minimum to start trading on this site. One of the other factors to consider is the brokers that the site will offer you. Although they do not provide prior details of which brokers they use, many customers have complained that the third party brokers are unregulated.

Bitcoin Optimizer was created in 2018 but has been updated in 2020. The company was founded by Steve McKay, who is said to be a successful crypto trader. The company clearly states n their website that they are not regulated by any financial authority or agency. This means that you cannot legally invest in this site if you are a citizen of certain countries. It also means that there is no guarantee of you getting any of your funds back if you lose them. Another issue with this site is the lack of contact information. The owner claims to be residing in the US, although this site is illegal in the US. The only method of contacting them is through a form on the website. They have not provided any additional phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses for verification. You can visit the official site at

Bitcoin Optimizer Review

Bitcoin Optimizer is basically a trading site that specializes in bitcoin. While they have mentioned interest in offering other crypto coins in the future, they are currently offering trading accounts for bitcoin. Once you create an account on the site, you will be met with a prompt to begin trading with a demo account. Although this uses virtual money and is a great way to learn about crypto trading, they have not created it with real values. Therefore, there is no way to know whether the site can actually offer the returns that the demo account creates. To begin trading, you may have to deposit a minimum of $250 in the account. The site will then refer you to a broker of their choice so you can withdraw the profits.


If you are looking to find the secret behind their claims of making $13000 profit daily, then you will be disappointed. The trading strategy of Bitcoin Optimizer is not known as they have decided to keep it a secret. They claim to have an automated trading system created by an engineer that runs on an algorithm. This is supposed to help the site win trades faster than any other site. Unfortunately, most trading sites claim the very same thing, but this strategy does not fit in with the cryptocurrency model as it is very unstable. The algorithms are designed to win trades in a certain scenario, but fail when the markets change. This is what makes this strategy unreliable.


  • Company: Bitcoin Optimizer
  • Product: Bitcoin trading system
  • Minimum deposit: $250
  • Strategy: Automated algorithm
  • Customer feedback: Mixed

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Trading Results

One of the main things that helps us determine whether a site can back up their claims is the presence of trading results. Although Bitcoin Optimizer has some verified trading results, they are not even close to what they had claimed in their sales pitch. At most, this site might be able to make you a few dollars in profit, as it is a very risky investment.

Client Feedback

The customer feedback on Bitcoin Optimizer is mixed. Some customer claim to be making profits, while other have claimed that they were scammed or the site took all their investment without giving them anything of their investment. However, there is ample evidence of paid reviews, so many of these reviews cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, many customers have complained about the unresponsive behaviour of the support team.


Investing in Bitcoin Optimizer might sound like a quick way to get rich, but you should be careful. They are not registered with any authority and they have provided no contact details. This makes it impossible to verify whether they are real or not. Another issue is that they have lied about being promoted on major shows as well as having an authentic demo account.

If you have been considering to use Bitcoin Optimizer, we’d recommend you to be extra cautious. Share your thoughts with us, in the comments section below!

~ Trade Safely

Bitcoin Optimizer $250 (minimum deposit)
  • Price - 25%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 27%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 20%


They offer an automated trading solution and claims that the trading robot is quite efficient
They are promising quite high profit margin


They are using very basic website template that has been overused all around the internet
They seem to be rather new to the marketplace
The trading strategy and results are not backed with sufficient evidence
The contact details are very limited

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