Binary Review: $1500 Per Day

Today I’m taking a closer look at a binary options trading software promising to make traders over $500,000 per year, $1500 Per Day. The creator of this software is Robert Mitchell, and he believes that his automated trading system is so different than any other product in the binary options market, because it’s guaranteed to win. He tells us that his “software is so powerful it’s making members hundreds of thousand of dollars every day.”

We are not provided with the location of the company, and the developer Robert Mitchell has no reputation in the binary options market. In fact, there is no information about Robert or his connections to any trading market available anywhere.

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$1500 Per Day Review

My initial thoughts on the $1500 Per Day trading system, are that it’s a get rich quick scheme. Haven’t been reviewing many of these lately, because I’ve been trying to focus on the brighter side of binary options. Yet, from time to time it’s important to provide these types of reviews because it provides clarity to the market and ensures that the readers here at binary today don’t end up with a trading system that they shouldn’t be using.

There are quite a few aspects that are frequently present in get rich quick schemes, and I’ll highlight a few of those today so you know what to look for moving forward.

Robert Mitchell

The first thing that we look at when analyzing a new product, is the creator of the software. In this case, it is a man named Robert Mitchell. Yet, further research and analysis shows that the image being utilized by the creators of this product is actually a stock file. This exact image is utilized in other places on the Internet, and it is seems as though the real name of the person in this image is Juan Carlos.

This is not a good sign.

Analyzing The Trading Results

The main page doesn’t show us any $1500 Per Day trading results at all, instead they just promise that the software is providing average daily profit numbers between $1700 and $7000 a day. After entering your email, you can access a “live trade results” section that is supposed to be showing us all the most recent trade results from actual clients. This section updates the trades frequently, and make it seem like traders using this software making hundreds of dollars every couple of seconds.

Yet, I don’t believe this to be true. First of all, if you look at the top left-hand side of the results table you will see that it is labeled “The Kiwi Method.” This is the title of an old binary options product that failed miserably, and spammed thousands of people with false promises. So, this product is certainly developed by the same creators, and it’s probably the exact same software they used last time, that cost their clients thousands in losses.

Underneath the table there are 4 testimonials from “5 star beta members.” Each testimonial shows a winning percentage between 96-98%, with average daily profits of nearly $30,000 from initial deposits between 250 and $500. These numbers are unrealistic and not possible.

On top of that, the images used for every single one of these testimonials have been stolen, and are not real people.

Wrapping Up

There’s really nothing about the $1500 Per Day software that makes me question my review. I believe that this trading system is a clear example of a get rich quick scheme, and the creators cannot be trusted. The trading results they provide are clearly some sort of the script because they never show us live market data, and have no real proof that their software can perform with a winning rate of 98%.

Please let me know if you have anything you would like to add to this review, and thank you for stopping by.

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