Auto Trade Review – Copy Binary

Copy Binary is a new binary options auto trader promising over $1.8 million per month in profits. According to the sales page there are 167 members and their profits are totaling over $44 million combined.

These promises are way too aggressive and certainly overreaching the capabilities of any binary options product. Thus, it’s important that we complete a thorough review analyzing what this developer truly has to offer the binary options marketplace.

Copy Binary Review

Copy Binary is a well-suited name for this product because the sales page itself is copying another binary options product. The video on the front page is a video that was made for a product called The Amissio Formula. So, either the video is stolen from another developer or this is the exact same developer and they are just being lazy. Neither of these scenarios are positive in any way and considering the initial formula software failed miserably, no binary options software should be copying it.

Deceptive Marketing

The rest of the sales page is filled with deceptive marketing practices. Firstly, the claims being made about millions of dollars in returns are absolutely outrageous. The developers of this system don’t provide the slightest amount of proof for any of the claims being made.

Next, Copy Binary uses scripts to make the software seem more popular than it is. If you go to the YouTube page you can see that the video has had just over 1100 views in 5 months. Yet, the sales page consistently claims that there are 250 people actively on the website. If this was the case, the YouTube video would have hundreds of thousands of views. Clearly, the developers want it to seem like they are running out of copies and there are hundreds of people clamoring for access. This isn’t the case.


Copy Binary is not the type of investment any binary options trader should be getting involved with. The website consists of a stolen YouTube video and bundles of promises with no proof. We are provided with absolutely no substance whatsoever. The developers don’t tell us how the software works or what strategies it uses. It’s my belief that the people behind this product aren’t even binary options traders at all.

If you are a binary options trader looking for a way to move forward in this market than I suggest you check out the top rated binary options signals and software as rated by the binary today readers. Thanks for stopping by and have a great afternoon.

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