Amelok Review: A legitimate broker or fraud?

Amelok is a brokerage site that offers trades in CFDs, cryptocurrency, Forex, binary and stocks. They are listed as the ideal investment site that allows traders to keep an investment portfolio that contains diverse stocks. The platform has used a variety of different marketing techniques to attract new traders, especially those with little experience in online trading. This site does not offer trading signals or automatic trading. They also do not provide users with a trading platform that they can utilize to conduct their own trades. All you have to do is invest in a commodity and wait for the company to generate profits for you. This basically makes it a direct investment site. The company claims that they are endorsed by popular celebrities such as Harry Kane and Lewis Hamilton. They offer leverage trading and different investment options but do not specify the exact returns. However, they do claim that users can get 10% interest per year on their cash deposited in this site. This is relatively low for a trading company. Before investing in this site just yet, you should probably look into exactly how they function to make a better decision.

Amelok is a company that claims to be based in the UK, although they have a Russian chat support. They have been working for more than 10 years, but they are still not registered with any relevant regulatory body. This makes it difficult to determine whether they are legitimate or not. They provide both the UK and Russian contact details. You can phone them on +44 20 3514 7204 or +7 499 703 07 52. Alternatively, you can contact them via email at The company is based in London and its address is 2-8 Victoria Ave, London EC2M 4NS, Great Britain. However, there is no company with this name registered in the UK.

Amelok Review

One thing to note about Amelok is the style of their Home page. They use popular athletes and celebrities to show that their brand is quite popular when none of these celebrities are actually using this site. They also offer various investment plants such as Elementary, Standard and VIP. The Elementary account has a minimum investment of $500, but they do not specify how much commission they will be charging. You can get leverage of up to 1:200, which is quite good. They also offer withdrawals through many different methods such as Visa Card, cryptocurrency and other methods. Once you sign up for an account and deposit the investment, you will be provided with a trading platform which will show your profits. However, you have to withdraw your profits through this site and can’t choose your own broker.


Amelok claims to be using a trading strategy that involves leverage trading. However, they only provide a vague description and do not go into detail about their trading strategy. From a trader’s point of view, the only positive thing about this site’s strategy is that it is diverse and contains investments in many different commodities. In this way, you limit the risk. However, remember that trading in crypto, Forex, binary options and online stock is quite risky and there is no guarantee of a solid profit margin.


  • Company: Amelok
  • Product: Cryptocurrencies, Forex trading, binary options, stocks and CFDs
  • Minimum investment: $500
  • Trading strategy: Unspecified/ leverage trading
  • Trading results: unverified
  • Customer feedback: Negative
  • Regulated: No

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Trading Results

When it comes to live trading results, then you cannot expect much from Amelok. They claim to have several years’ experience in trading different stocks and commodities, but they have not shown any real trading results to prove it. If you are looking to trade with any company, then knowing their past performance is important. However, Amelok has not provided any verified trading results that can help you verify whether they are actually making profits or not.

Client Feedback

Unfortunately, many customers have lost their earnings in this site. It claims to have a legitimate withdrawal process, but they do not allow you to withdraw the said profit. This shows that the company is not genuine when it comes to trading. Many customers also complain that their support number do not work and the address is fake. They do respond to emails, but only to convince people to deposit more into their accounts. With so many complaints from traders who have invested in Amelok, it is hard to believe that they are a legitimate company.


When it comes to real time trading, then Amelok is definitely not producing any results. They have used a lot of false information on their site and even falsely used celebrities to endorse their site. In addition to this, they are not registered in any country and have not shown any real trading results, despite being in business for many years. Therefore, it’s better not to invest your hard earned money in this site.

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Amelok $500 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 05%
  • Strategy - 15%
  • Trading Results - 10%
  • Client Feedback - 10%
  • Customer Support - 0%


They have diverse stocks available and welcome newbie traders
They claim to a 10% interest per year return for the investors


They do not give ample details about their trading strategy
The results are unauthenticated
They appear to be unregistered

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