Alpha Money Generator Review

alpha-money-generatorAlpha Money Generator is a binary options system based on the “swiss banks’ money making program.” According to the developer of this system Switzerland is famous for the secret bank accounts of the rich and famous. We are told that through this process we will be able to open a Swiss bank account.

Today I’ll review this system and let you know if I feel it’s a worthwhile trading endeavor or not.

Alpha Money Generator Review

The Alpha Money Generator website provides testimonials, a YouTube video, an email subscription form and the normal marketing hype. The man we see in the video is very popular in the binary options market. I’ve seen him represent over 5 binary options companies just this year. Each time he has a different name and a different set of lines to say. Needless to say, he must be an actor or the product producer behind many different auto-trading systems. We are told that the swiss banks give clients the best investment returns over any other country in the world. Then, the narrator in the video says that his system has incorporated the best qualities of Swiss precision into this trading platform.

While the narrator attempts to tie the Alpha Money Generator to the Swiss banking system, I don’t feel that he does so properly. In my initial research I don’t see any reports of Swiss bank accounts having extreme interest gains. To follow that up, we are never really told how these developers incorporated the Swiss techniques from these banks or how he even got his hands on their strategies. In addition, I don’t see how Swiss investing would have anything to do with short term binary options trades, which is what the money generator’s job is.

Today I won’t be recommending the Alpha Money Generator to the Binary Today readers. I really don’t see anything on this website that properly flows. We are told tidbits of information here and there but nothing ever comes together. There’s a bunch of testimonials and we are shown screen shots of investment portfolio returns from a discrete high net work banking company but this never ties in directly to this binary options product. Until this information becomes more clear I can’t see myself investing. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below this article now. Thanks for coming to Binary Today and let’s start the week off strong.

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