3 Week Millionaire

3-week-millionaire3 week millionaire is a new binary options software that claims they’ve made their clients over $28,970,300 for their members so far. The developers are telling the community that their software can easily make traders over $1,000 a day. I’ve heard this type of sales pitch many times in the past and I’ve yet to to see a company come through on these promises.

Today I’ll be providing a review and informing the Binary Today readers on whether or not I feel this is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

3 Week Millionaire Review

The 3 week millionaire website uses a lot of flashy plug-ins and different counters to simulate a very impressive trading performance. We can see there is a map with pop-ups every 30 seconds which is supposed to illustrate live trading results from people located all over the world. Considering the high speed pace these pop-ups are activating, it’s very difficult for me to believe that they are providing legitimate trading results. One of the biggest issues I have is that I was on this website yesterday when the market was closed but the live trade alerts were still showing the traders were making money.

Another thing that I find quite odd is that the 3 week millionaire webpage has a twitter comments from a woman named Erin Woods that reads “snagged another ten k. How’s everyone else?” Firstly, the woman never mentions what software she used to acquire this money and yet there are people responding to her tweet saying that they are having the same success. It makes very little sense to me why the twitter handle and profile picture would be blurred out. If these people were so happy about their success with this binary software they wouldn’t be scared to have their images on this webpage. If they didn’t want to publicize this information at all they never would’ve tweeted it in the first place.

I won’t be recommending the 3 week millionaire to any of the binary today readers. As much as I want to give these developers the benefit of the doubt there’s a lot of questions with very few answers. Their approach is also too manipulative and aggressive for me to trust. A binary options software isn’t going to come out overnight without me knowing about it and have it made people over $20 million. If anything like this ever happened in my market I would be first to know about it. If you something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your thoughts and questions below the article now. Thank you for coming to binary today, I hope you have a great week of trading ahead.

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