Certified Income Review

certified-incomeCertified Income is a new binary options trading system that claims to provide traders with $3525 only available in our country. As is often the case we are told that we’ve been carefully chosen to view the video even though we are on an email list for binary options and we weren’t sent this by anyone special.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software so the Binary Today readers know if it’s a reliable trading system or not.

Certified Income Review

The developers of the certified income software tell us that they are only streaming the video on their sales page to a total of 275 people. After 275 plays it will be removed and taken offline. Sadly, the developers of this system never tell us why this is. They just tell us that once the video is taken offline then we will have no chance to earn life-altering amount of money. As the video continues, the narrator tells us that he’s going to reveal to us the most scandalous money making secret ever released. As I hear this, I am starting to lose interest. I have heard this story way too many times from unscrupulous binary options vendors. They always tell us they are going to tell us some major secret but they never do, and instead they just tell us how amazing their system is.

Often what happens is we wait 5 minutes to find out a binary secret and instead they say, the secret is certified income. Despite the narrator in the video telling us that this is unlike any other video we’ve come across, I would have to disagree. Not only is this exactly like every other binary options video I’ve seen, the man in the video has been in multiple other binary options videos. I’m already at the point where my interest is at an all time low, and the promise of $205 per hour in the members area doesn’t change my opinion.

I’m afraid I can’t recommend the certified income software to any of the binary options community. I really don’t see anything different being shopped here. It’s another automated system with a hidden strategy and a long story that doesn’t explain any of the pertinent details. If you have something you would like to add I would appreciate your feedback on this product. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately from people clicking Ask John at the top of the page, so feel free to join them.


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