Option Sniper

option-sniperOption Sniper is a new binary options software promising to make traders $800 per day in 2016.

Today I’ll be letting you know if I feel this is possible.

Option Sniper Review

Another binary options scam has popped up, this time it takes the name of Option Sniper. Don’t believe me? If the computer generated voice doesn’t put you off, then sit back and read through my review.

It’s pretty obvious from the very start that this is another way to exploit people.  After opening the first link for downloading the free software, we are told how much money we will make in just a matter of seconds or minutes per day. For Option Sniper, it’s $800 per day. Does that get that you interested?

Here’s another way to interest people to download the unimpressive software. They’re giving out a limited amount of slots for people. Having 75 people now using the software, you have to fight for the 25 slots remaining. And not only that, the remaining open slots for fully activating your account for free by their company is only available on the same week you’re watching their video. Which I don’t believe is true.

They need you to deposit a minimum amount of $250 just for the activation of the free product. So no, IT IS NOT FREE. You have to deposit an amount to use your account fully or else you’ll just download a product that doesn’t even work.

To entice more people, they are offering something that you wouldn’t want to miss. They are actually going to double your deposit. For example, if you deposited $250 then you’ll get a bonus of $250 and if you deposited $1000 then they’ll give you a bonus of $1000. That’s a broker bonus and I never recommend these, they are quite dangerous.

Furthermore, I tried to click the link to get the product and entered an e-mail address. It’ll open another link where you can register your information so that they could make an account for you. What surprised me the most was the 15-minute countdown to finish my registration and the one trade bonus place remaining. I thought 25 slots were available but apparently I would be the last person to register for the remaining single slot.

 I tried refreshing the site and entered a different e-mail address. Guess what? 15-minute countdown and a single slot remaining for another e-mail address. If this doesn’t convince you enough, I waited for the countdown to end. It doesn’t. It just freezes at the 5-minute mark.

 Option Sniper is another example of a binary scam which uses the same methods to entice people to join. Be more cautious about free products. You may never know, but you actually paid for nothing. Let me know what you think about my latest review by leaving a comment under the article now.

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