Triple Threat Trade Review

triple-threat-tradeTriple threat trade is a new binary options software that’s guaranteed to win 99.8% of the time. The producers of the software tell us that it’s worth over $22 million and that they are giving away for free.

Today I’ll let you know if you can trust this developer and whether or not this system is truly groundbreaking as the team behind it make it sound to be.

Triple Threat Trade Review

Like most binary options websites the triple threat trade sales page is very simple and consists of a couple testimonials, an email subscription form and a YouTube video that has 8 views at the time I’m writing this review. The video starts off by telling us we can make $23.3 million in just 12 short months just by following a few steps and pushing a couple of buttons. The narrator of the video tells us that the million dollar duplicator, gold digger, and a plethora of other binary options software don’t deliver on their promises. He tells us that the secret contained in his video will help us solve our money problems forever.

As I make my way through the triple threat trader video I don’t love the narrator’s slow monotone approach but I don’t want to judge the product on something so minuscule and unimportant. The video is much like the other binary options trading videos we’ve seen in the past. We are shown different screenshots of trading accounts and bank accounts but there is nothing that really proves the software works. Despite claims of millions of dollars in success I can’t seem to find any reviews about the system anywhere online either. I seem to be the only person even writing about the software at this point in time.

I can’t recommend the triple threat trade software. I really don’t see any magical secrets in the video and the trading approach is never established. After watching nearly 20 minutes of video I know nothing more about this system and that’s dangerous. Most product developers like to talk about the strategy and the methods they are using to increase binary trading accounts. This is not the case this time and that makes it very difficult for me to give a final conclusion. As is often the case, I’m going to have to take the approach of wait-and-see. Let’s see how the community perceives the software and have an area here at the bottom of the page for readers to comment on their experiences. Thanks for stopping in and I hope your wonderful weekend ahead.

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