Trading Success Formula

trading-success-formulaTrading success formula is a free binary options trading software. The developers of this system tell traders that they can make money like top professionals without having high-end training programs and math degrees.

Today I will review the system and let the binary today readers understand the role this could play in our daily trading.

Trading Success Formula

The trading success formula webpage consists of a video, testimonials and a short introduction to the features. The video on the front page tells us that the software as a trade copier and that there is a millionaire trader on the other end providing his real trades. The developer and trader will be following is named William Sheffield. He tells us that he did a PhD in applied mathematics or Stanford in 1994 and then started a career as a system design engineer at Merrill Lynch 17 years ago. It does look like he is new to the binary options space because I have never been acquainted with him or seen any of his trade history.

William tells us that in 1999 his trading success formula was able to predict market movements with an accuracy rate of 87%. Then he shows us a Forex back test and a bunch of trader testimonials and tells us this is what he calls proof. Sadly, this is not proof because this is a binary options trading system so Forex back test is not tell the story and considering it was glossed over quickly I would be surprised if it had nothing to do with the strategy at all.

Today I can’t give a recommendation to the trading success formula because I’ve not tested it myself yet. This is another free binary options trading software so please approach it with caution as these types of systems have hurt my readers in the past. I will revisit this review in a couple of months to see if the software ever took off. I find most systems that I review lately limp out of the gate and then dissipate quickly after that. I would say that 90% of the binary options releases right now are not being talked about after a month which is not a good sign because winning systems are talked about for years. If you have anything you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and concerns below the article. I hope that you spend time here looking around the website in finding out what is currently winning for the binary today readers.

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