Trade Forecast Review

trade-forecastTrade forecast is a new binary options software promising $800 a day and an 82.6% win rate. The producers of this product tell us that it only takes 10 minutes to set up and the we will be guaranteed to make $800 per day for the rest of our lives.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system and forming the binary today readers of my findings while providing a brief but accurate conclusion.

Trade Forecast Review

As is usually the case, the trade forecast website consists of a simple video and an email subscription form. In the video we are told that the developer is not here to sell us anything in that they are going to give us a free gift just for listening to the short video. I’ve seen this message many times in the past and as many times as I’ve watch these videos I’ve never received a free gift without registering and depositing money with a binary options broker. Every time I watch when these videos I feel like they are following the exact same script. Instead of being straightforward, the narrator in the video is always try to make us wait for something that he’s going to provide us later in the video.

The developers of the trade forecast system are telling us that they are taking on 25 people per week over a four-week period and right now is the final week. Considering I’ve never heard of this software and I hear of every single binary options system that hits the market I feel like this is probably just a marketing ploy. In the members area they tell us that they have 75 members currently and they’ve made over $1.2 million combined. We are shown a spreadsheet from the last week with the students of the forecast supposedly made over $200,000. We are not shown any trades or trading history, just a screenshot of an Excel spreadsheet that can’t be verified are validated.

I won’t be recommending the trade forecast to the binary options community. I don’t have a good feeling about the software because they are advertising bonuses in the members area and because anyone can create a spreadsheet and plug numbers into it. I would like to see some actual trades and hear from some actual customers before I consider using this software myself. If you have use the software or you just want to let me know what your opinion is of it please leave your comments below this review now.

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