Don’t Trust Top 10 Profits

Top 10 Profits is a new binary options product telling traders that they can make over $3600 a day just like the top 10% elite. The developer of the software is Barry Riva, a man with no reputation in the binary options market. It’s odd how many developers jump into this market with no experience and feel that they can make traders thousands of dollars a day. It’s just not realistic at all.

Today we will be providing a review and letting you know if you can truly become rich from this binary options software.

Top 10 Profits Review

The sales pitches common, Top 10 Profits promises the world but doesn’t give us anything to back it up. In fact, everything provided in an attempt to legitimize the software only attacks its credibility. Every element discussed is just a marketing tool to push traders into a bad decision.

False Press

At the top of the sales page you will see claims that this product has been seen on Bloomberg Television, BBC, The New York Times and Forbes. This is false. The Top 10 Profits software has never been featured on any of these publications and never will. If you do a quick search on any of these websites you will find that this product has never been mentioned once. Considering how unprofessional the sales page is, it’s no surprise that this product isn’t getting recognized by major publications. Binary options is an exactly breaching the mainstream media at this point either.

Free Promise

Like most of these automated binary options systems, Top 10 Profits promises that you can get the software 100% free. This is not true.

In fact, you will have to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated binary options broker to gain access. Yes, the deposit inside that broker would still be yours but if you’ve ever registered with an unregulated broker you know it’s like pulling teeth to try and get it withdraw. Also, it’s not like you can test the software on demo to see if it works or not before going live. You would essentially have to trade the software live with that $250 and hope that it returns the over $3000 a day that are promised. Yet, every other binary options software of this nature has failed to come close to their projections. They’ve actually lost traders money in nearly every case.


Do not sign up with Top 10 Profits, unless you are looking to throw some of your money away. It’s important that we stand up against scams like these as a community and do everything we can to help new traders avoid the pitfalls of false binary options promises.

Thank you for coming to binary today and please spend some time here looking at all the updates we have been making recently to better serve the community.


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