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binary-fundBinary fund is a binary options group that is looking for 50 members to join in and make up to over $120,000 per month. On the left-hand side of this page it says that there are zero free systems left but usually this is just a marketing tactic so I’ll continue on with this review.

Today I’ll be letting the binary today readers understand if there are any free systems left and whether or not they actually have the potential to provide over $120,000 per month.

Binary Fund Review

The developer of Binary Fund is Perry Nettle and he tells us that this offer is only available once each year. He claims that the spots are all filled up within the first few hours so traders have to take action quickly.

In this story he tells us that he is only worked with members who have a minimum net worth of $5 million and usually it’s only friends and family who get invited to the software. Then, he goes on to tell us a year ago we change those rules to take on 50 new members I guess because he was being gracious.

Considering the Binary Fund membership program is being promoted by affiliate marketers to thousands of people I’m having a really difficult time believing that there are only 50 spots available. I’ve also had a very difficult time finding any information about this fund historically. Despite claiming to do this every single year I can’t find any information regarding this investment opportunity that goes past this week.

I decided to take a closer look and check out the members area and it is very similar to all the other free binary options systems in this market. It looks like we are looking at registering with a binary options broker in order to gain access to the software, there is really nothing different here.

Binary Fund Conclusion

I won’t recommend the Binary Fund system to the readers at binary today right now. Like most of these systems I like to see if they work before getting involved. The only problem with my process is that these marketers tell us that their software is only going to be available for a few hours and that there’s only a couple minutes or copies left. I never really worry about that because I always come back weeks later and they are still available so that’s just marketing and something we can ignore.

If you have something you would like to add to the Binary Fund review please just leave your comments and questions below. I appreciate you coming to binary today and hope that this information helps you make the right decision.


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