Theory of Wealth

theory-of-wealthTheory of wealth is a new binary options product that claims to be the key to financial prosperity. The product is being released by a professor Gupta in this is supposedly his secret. There really isn’t a lot of information anywhere on this website is going to be difficult for me to do review.

Regardless, I will be doing everything I can to review the software and give you the insight required to make the right purchasing decision.

Theory Of Wealth Review

The developer of the theory of wealth system is Gordon Stewart who says that he’s been trading at a prestigious hedge fund for the past 15 years. He tells us that during his time at this hedge fund his boss told him that he had to travel the world and try to find an edge. Apparently he traveled the world and found an Indian man who was a trading genius. Stewart then says they gave the man $1 million to be a consultant for the hedge fund.

The story of the theory of wealth continues and sadly that’s all this is, the story. There is no real proof anywhere on the website and while the story is very in depth and discusses his exotic travels I find myself very disinterested. This is not the type of investment I am looking for currently. I feel like this is a wild goose chase considering the binary options strategy is never discussed and all we hear is this tale. I’m the type of trader that needs results and strategic discussion, both of these things are missing and so I can’t trust Gordon Stewart and what he selling.

I will not recommend the theory of wealth to any of the binary today readers. If overtime the system proves itself to be worthy I will consider changing my recommendation but at this time I see no reason to get involved with this investment. Please let me know your thoughts and leave a contribution in the form of a comment. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that if you ever need help in this market you click Ask John and send me a personal email. I appreciate your readership and hope that you have a wonderful day.


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