1K Daily Profit Review

1k-daily-profit1K Daily Profit is a new binary options system by John Becker. John claims that his software is built for regular hard-working people who can enjoy the happiness and freedom is making $1000 profits every day brings to life.

As always, I will be providing a review of this software and letting the binary today community understand if it’s a viable trading software or not.

1K Daily Profit Review

According to John Becker the 1K Daily Profit is the very same system that millionaire investors like Warren Buffet have already been using for years. I find it very hard to believe Warren Buffet trades binary options. I understand that there’s money in this market, but nothing like the money Buffet is after. His focus is on big-time stocks. That doesn’t mean this product isn’t profitable but it does factor in when we are talking about trust. It’s hard for me to trust a product producer that is lying to us about Warren Buffet.

I decided to take a look at the John Becker photo to see if I could find more about the owner of the 1K Daily Profit system and it turns out that it’s a stock image. This image isn’t actually John Becker. This doesn’t bother me because most large companies use stock photos. We all aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as we want to be. Yet, this does go in the column against trust yet again. We have John lying about Warren Buffet, and now we see that his image isn’t real. Next, we have the Twitter and Facebook testimonials. Now, these certainly have to be real right? Wrong. Just like everything else on this website these are also fabricated. I went onto Twitter to verify that some of these posts are real and much to my disappointment I came up with nothing. Not one post. I’m at the point in the review now where I give up on the product.

Today I won’t be recommending John Becker’s 1K Daily Profit System. There are too many red flags on the sales page and I can’t ignore them all. If there was only one issue then I could potentially give it a shot but after 15 minutes of research I found three issues and I haven’t even continued to see what else could be off. I wish I had better news but this is one review that ends up in the scrap heap. If you want to add something to the review, please do so now.

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