The Brit Method & Canuck Method Review

the-brit-methodThe Brit Method and Canuck Method are the exact same thing, that’s why I’m doing this review combined. My research also leads me to believe that a system called the Aussie Method by Jake Pertu is also the same software. In each country the same videos, websites, and pictures are used but each time the developer has the exact same name.

Today I’ll take a close look at these systems and review everything we need to know about them so that we can make the right decision.

The Brit Method And Canuck Method Review

We can see that the Brit Method and Canuck Method both use the exact same image for the creator of the system but for the Brit he’s named Jason Taylor and for Canadians he’s named Jake Mason. There is a section for success stories and the testimonials here are also identical on both sites. We see a conversation between a woman named Laura Patterson and the developer of this software where she tells him that she’s making so much money and can’t thank Jason or Jake enough. It’s odd because this woman has the exact same conversation two times with two different people. Does that mean that their is a British woman and a Canadian woman with the same name having the same conversation? Or does that mean that this was a fake conversation. I’m leaning to the latter.

The Facebook testimonials of the Brit Method and Canuck Method follow the same disturbing pattern. We can see that four people all leave the exact same comments on their Facebook accounts, except they change the hashtag from #brithmethod to #canuckmethod. So again we have to ask the question are these comments real or fabricated? Why would all these people write the exact same comments about different systems? It really doesn’t show well for the developer of this software and this is where I end my review.

There is no reason for us to purchase the Brith Method or Canuck Method at this point in time. These systems are clearly some sort of marketing ploy to push out the exact same software to multiple countries. While this isn’t an issue, the problem is with how they are doing it. The testimonials are clearly faked because there’s no reason why anyone would have the same conversation twice about different systems. It is a sad state of affairs but a frequent one in the binary options market. If you would like to add a comment to the review please leave it now. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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