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binary-vaultBinary vault is a new free trading software that’s built to earn traders $1000 the first day they sign up. The people behind the software tell us that they are beta testers have made on average over $50,000 in around 30 days.

Today I’ll be doing a review on the software and informing the binary today community on whether or not we can trust this new software.

Binary Vault Review

The sales page for the binary vault website is very familiar. It consists of a video, an email subscription form, a handful of testimonials and the results box the claims to be verified by binary verify. They show us a results box that they claim to have made over $2 million in profit with starting balance of $250. This is an extravagant claim to say the least. I have a hard time believing that even the best trader in the world would be able to take $250 and turn it into almost 3 million.

Below this results box we can see handful of binary vault testimonial videos. These videos seem forced by the people in them and they really don’t come across genuine at all. I’m not saying that these are not real people and that they had not had success with this free binary options software but they are not presenting the message in a trustworthy fashion. I would like to hear from the actual binary options community and some real traders that I know and trust before I get involved with the software.

Today I can’t give final verdict on the binary vault software because I haven’t tested it myself yet. I am unsure if I’m going to give this one a shot because I really don’t feel like depositing money with another brokerage. If you have use this software and you want to tell us your experiences I really would appreciate it. Systems like these usually fail so make sure that you are careful before you make your final decision. Thank you for coming to binary today and I hope this review helps to get a better understanding of the product and my trading approach.

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