The Timing System Review

the-timing-systemThe timing system is a binary options product I saw being promoted around the Internet but not one I’ve ever seen associated with the normal binary trading sites. The developer of the software wants to tell us how he makes $963 every 10 minutes. While this may not be associated with any binary websites, it certainly looks to follow the same aggressive marketing patterns.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system and giving the binary today community an opportunity to leave their opinions.

The Timing System Review

There are multiple sales pages for the timing system in the original domain looks like it was abandoned. I have to also point out a red flag here as the video on their main webpage is blacked out and it says that it’s been removed for violating YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content. Considering the new video I’ve seen, I have to agree that the content is quite deceptive and I’ll go over it in detail now.

The timing system binary options video has had over 1400 views so it is getting quite popular in this is why feel like my review is necessary. The video talks a lot about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and the developer of the system seems to feel he has some sort of connection with Mark. He tells us that he got scammed out of the big business deal and he had to settle for $250,000 in part ways with a financial software that he created. He says the way to ruin his business partners plans is to give away this system that he created so that everyone has access. I’m really not buying any of this.

I will not be recommending the timing system to the binary today readers. I don’t get involved with trading systems for cute stories and animated videos. I need actual substance. I’ve said it 100 times but without any results or trading logic I can’t get involved in a new investment. There is never any proof on these webpages that the developer if he knows anything about binary options and in this case binary options isn’t even mentioned until you get into the members area. This is not a safe investment opportunity and thus I will not be taking part in it whatsoever. Please leave your comments about my review now.

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