Full Review – Black Box Robot

Black Box Robot is a new binary options trading software built by real Forex traders. The sales page doesn’t provide a lot of information but it’s very clear they put a lot of responsibility on the trader. They are telling traders that the software is very flexible the traders will have to consistently monitor the trades the robot is producing in order to be successful.

Today we will be taking a closer look at this robot and determining whether or not it’s a worthwhile trading tool.

Black Box Robot Review

As is often the case with binary options products the Black Box Robot is shrouded in a lot of mystery. We’ve found that developers in this marketplace are way too frequently leaving out all of the pertinent details. When providing an investment product developers need to do a better job at providing information. There is no reason for you or anyone else to register with a binary options product that doesn’t explain the intricacies and strategies behind the product.

Do It Yourself Binary

The Black Box Robot is a very different type of automated software compared to the rest of the market. Instead of the regular set and forget trading system, traders have to analyze the trades and they also have to pick their own settings. This is a major issue. This program does not allow traders to paper trade which means they essentially have to risk real money while they try and figure out what the best settings are. This makes for an extremely risky proposition. If the traders have to take full responsibility for building the strategy then they may as well be building their own software from scratch. There is nothing that suggests the support team will help traders with their settings and that’s if you are not a talented binary options strategist than this is not for you.

It’s good to see developers trying new angles and methods but this method in particular needs much more work. Demo trading capabilities would go a long way.

Does Black Box Robot Work?

Well, there’s really no way of us knowing if this software is performing. The developers do not provide us with any proof or trading history making this a very high risk investment.


There is no way that we can recommend the Black Box Robot at this point in time. The trading software has no reputation online, there is no proof that it works and the software is very poorly described. Then, there is also the fact that traders have to take full responsibility for figuring out what settings to use.

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