Click Money System – Binary Scam Alert!

click-moneyClick Money System is a new binary options software by Julia and Harold. I have never heard of either of these two developers but they promise their fully automated software will allow traders to earn up to $60 million per year. When it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this is a real binary options investments or another get rich quick scheme.

Click Money System Review

The sales page for the Click Money System is what we are growing accustomed to. There is very little information whatsoever outside of a short video. Normally the members area provides more information but in this case it’s just another video and a few testimonials. I will say that the videos for this website are much more polished than the other binary options scams we’ve uncovered over the past few months but I don’t believe that has any relevance. While the videos may see more impressive, the message is the same. Millions of dollars being promised without any real proof.

Video Review

Old Software

sydney-systemIn going through the Click Money System process to figure out if this is a worthwhile system or not I came across an interesting tidbit. It turns out that this is actually the Sydney System being renamed and sold again. The Sydney System promised 30-60K per month but it never made anyone a single dime.

When you are asked to deposit, you can see that the Sydney System logo is accidentally in place of the Click Money logo. This is a big mistake because it reveals to the community that this isn’t a new software and we are already aware that the old software failed under a different name. I doubt the developers did anything to change or update the software, so you are likely walking into a losing system if you sign up.

What’s The Point?

If you don’t know how the binary options product market works that I’ll explain it briefly now. The developers of Click Money System will do anything to make you register with a binary options brokerage because then they will get a commission. Yet, as more and more binary options products come out they are all trying to outdo each other and so the lies are getting worse and worse. In this case we are being promised up to $60 million per year. So, you can see how far we have really gotten off track. Luckily, it’s getting to the point where I don’t believe the binary options marketplace is believing in any of the scams anymore.


Please make sure that you stay away from Click Money System and any other automated binary options software that’s promising you thousands of dollars per day. Despite there being over 1000 automated binary options systems, there hasn’t been one that has worked more than a month. These systems are all junk in the binary options brokers like it that way.

If you’re looking for a real binary options trading strategy I recommend that you check out my recent podcast episode 7. In this podcast I explain to you the exact binary options method that I am currently using. If you have any questions or comments please leave them now.

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