Sports Software Review: Profit Ball

Today we are taking a close look at Profit Ball by Terry Mason. According to the sales page, this binary options product has “merged sports analysis and a trading algorithm to accurately predict stock price.” We’ve heard of some pretty ridiculous concepts before, and this is surely another one.  Sports betting is one of the most difficult ways to achieve any sort of consistent gains, as it’s gambling. So, saying that we can some how take strategies from sports into binary options is essentially a flawed concept from the get go.

Regardless, we will be providing a review and analyzing what Terry has to offer, just in case there is some truth underneath the absurdity. See other product reviews and full rating here.

Profit Ball Review

Like many binary options products the Profit Ball system is being advertised as a beta test. They claim that “The first batch of testers made incredible profits OF $7000 WEEKLY!” Apparently, they have a few more spots available now before they go public. This is highly unlikely.

Despite making the claim that their clients are making nearly 7K a week, there is no actual proof of this anywhere on the website.

Profit Ball Software In Action

There is a section of the website where we are supposedly shown live trades. There is a Profit Ball table with the headlines “expiry date”, “asset”, “payout” and “results.” If you watch this table closely, it’s clear that it doesn’t make any sense.

First of all, this table is supposed to be showing us live trades but as we compose this article the markets are closed, so nobody could possibly be trading. Yet, this table keeps flashing and pretending to show new results. Also, the table doesn’t show us the price of the asset, or the expiry time so there is no way to verify the results. They are clearly omitting these important elements from their results table because the results are fabricated.

In order to gain access to the software traders have to register with an unregulated broker, LIONEXO. The United Trading Network recommended the exact same broker in their scam presentation. This is a broker that we will have to be paying close attention to moving forward to ensure that they aren’t involved in any of these schemes.


The best course of action when dealing with Profit Ball, is to avoid it. The sales page consists of nothing but deceptive marketing tactics and a poorly put together story that really doesn’t make any sense. The people behind this software are likely not traders at all. On top of that, there are fake testimonials used in the sales video and we didn’t even get into detail about what that says about a product.

Please let us know what you think about this profit maker by leaving a comment below. If you ever need help trading binary options, please email us.

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