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shepard-sdpShepard SDP is a new binary options trading software by Perry Shepard. According to the sales page, the software is a $56,000 per week money system. As is always the case, all you have to do is enter your name and email for free access.

Today I’ll be providing an analytical review so the Binary Today readers understand if it’s a trustworthy binary options trading system.

Shepard SDP Review

Like most other products in the binary options market the Shepard SDP sales page is full of concerns. One of the first things that I noticed is the “featured on” section. In this section the developers claim that their system has been featuered in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Bostom Globe, PCWorld and The Washington Post. This is not true.


I have taken an extra 5 minutes out of my day to do quick searches on each of these websites and none of them feature Perry’s product. This is a technique used by deceitful binary options developers trying to make their product see more legitimate than it is. Instead, this makes the product look terrible because it is a blatant lie that’s easy to fact check.

Video Review

Perry Shepard

When dealing with a binary options product like Shepard SDP the claims to have a 100% trade accurate rate it’s important to learn about the man behind the product. Yet, in doing research on Perry Shepard, nothing comes up. Perry has absolutely no reputation in the binary options market or in any other trading market. So how is it he is suddenly making over 900 members over $54 million in profits? He isn’t.


These are clearly fake numbers using a script to count up. The software has barely been on the market, it has no reviews and according to the sales page they have over 940 clients. A system that’s made traders over $55 million would have lots of reviews written about it.


There are no results for the Shepard SDP software. Despite telling us that the system wins 100% of its trades, they don’t provide us with any proof. How can they even come up with a 100% win ratio when they have no statistics? They can’t. It’s just more deceitful marketing.


I see no good reason to sign up with the Shepard SDP system. With the promise of 100% winning trades I’m worried that someone is going to give this one chance, but they shouldn’t. Perry is doing nothing to prove that he isn’t just a scam or. He makes ridiculous claims and doesn’t backup a single one of the. If you do end up testing the software yourself, you will be sorry.

I recommend that you check out the top rated binary options trading software voted on by the readers here at Binary Today. The focus of this blog is to bring you real trading strategies that you can actually rely on in the short and long term. No promises of overnight riches and lavish lifestyles, just peace of mind. If you have anything to add, leave your comments now.

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