The Millionaire Bot

the millionaire botThe millionaire bot is a free binary options robot that just hit the market. The developers of this software say that people who enter their site have been chosen to try out there free system that generates over $13,000 a day guaranteed. Sounds like we have another get-rich-quick scheme on our hands.

Today I’ll be providing a short review because I really don’t think it benefits any of us greatly from you spend too much time on this product.

The Millionaire Bot Review

The millionaire bot is just like all the other free binary systems on the market. The front page consists of a video and an email subscription form with a couple of different scripts telling us that we’ve missed out on thousands of dollars. I decided to take a look at the beginning of the video and it is a handful of different screenshots showing lots of money and then a bunch of poorly recorded testimonial videos. It seems like these developers are barely even trying to trick us anymore.


I really can’t say anything good at all about the millionaire bot. After watching the video for a couple minutes the narrator comes in and asks us if we want to make at least $13,000 a day. Then we watch some young kid walk around with his cell phone and show us how his account is grown in an hour. He doesn’t show us any of the trades that have been taken and this easily could be Photoshop or just another account because brokers will give you demo accounts with any amount of money you want in them.

Today I will not be recommending the millionaire bot for the obvious reasons. It is just like all the other failed binary options trading systems that came before it. If you have anything to add to my review today I would appreciate if you left your comments below. I hope that your trading is going well recently and the binary options is serving you the right way. Please look around my website and see what binary today has to offer because we a very talented traders here that are constantly looking for new ways to improve and help others get to that next level.

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