Robot Review: Trade Bot Plus

Today I’m analyzing another binary options auto trader promising secure returns, Trade Bot Plus. The sales page offers free registration for a system that is built to analyze the market and place trades on your behalf based on specific indicators. According to the development team, “the only thing you have to do is press a button and are robot will take care of the rest.” The process sound simple, but can the software perform? That’s what I’ll be getting down to the bottom of today.

It is unknown who the developers of this trading bot are, but you can get in touch with them by emailing For more binary options reviews go here.

Trade Bot Plus Review

After spending just a few minutes on this website, it’s clear to me that the Trade Bot Plus system is not a serious investment opportunity. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most obvious is the fact that they don’t tell us anything about the software. Binary options marketers who don’t understand binary options will frequently release automated trading systems without any proof for information. This is another one of those cases here.

It’s starting to confuse me, and even be will do me why these developers can’t find a real binary options strategists to come up with trading systems. Instead, these developers all purchased the exact same trading system and promote it under a different name. All while knowing that the exact same software does not have a good strategy, and it’s failed hundreds if not thousands of traders already.

Trade Bot Settings

There are quite a few reasons why I believe that the Trade Bot Plus is a software that we’ve already seen, but the most obvious is found in the settings section.

Every time we see this software promoted, it’s promoted with the exact same settings and indicator descriptions. You can always choose between 3 different trading strategies.

  • Classic
  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci

If you’ve been in this market for more than a couple of months, then you’ve probably seen this exact same marketing strategy used before as well.

Alongside the strategies, they always claim that the software uses the MACD, RSI, CCI, Stoachastic, Trend and Williams Percentage indicators. Yet, in every single one of these cases they never tell us how the indicators are used to determine trades and what type of strategy that implement alongside these indicators.

And indicator on its own is not a strategy, and I’m not sure the developers of this trading system know that.


The results section for the Trade Bot Plus is also very lackluster. No matter when you go on the website there is a list of 10 randomly generated trades, with 8 of them always being winners. None of these trades are real, and the developers never provide us with an expiry time. The open and close prices are also never even close to the actual market prices, so it’s clear that these are fabricated results.


There is no way that I can recommend Trade Bot Plus to you or any other member of the binary options community. I’ve come to the conclusion that automated trading in binary options is a fool’s game. The only way to truly be successful in this market is to either trade on your own or utilize a signal software. Automated trading is way more advanced and markets like Forex because brokers are all utilizing the meta-trader 4 platform. In binary options, the platforms are all directly tied to the broker which gives them the final say.

If you have anything you would like to add, now is the time.

Trade Bot Plus Deposit
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 39%
  • Results - 21%
  • Feedback - 29%
  • Support - 66%


3 settings


Copy of other systems
Not proven

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