Robot Review: EZ Trading Bot

Today I’m looking at a new binary options auto trading system that wants us to relax and watch our profits grow, EZ Trading Bot. This auto trader claims to be better than any manual system because “no normal human being could actually perform so many mathematical calculations in real time.”

There is no information on the developers of the software, or the location of their offices. There is also no form of contact available, as the “SnapEngage” account which was previously used to communicate with clients is no longer active. This is not a good sign, and likely just a sign of things to come.

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EZ Trading Bot Review

I’m not sure how the software was promoted in the past, but here in 2017 the EZ Trading Bot doesn’t even have a sales page anymore. As soon as you click on their domain to enter the website, you are immediately taken to a short video that attempts to push you into depositing money with their recommended brokerage. In the video we are told that there are hundreds of disappointed people behind us that are going to get access because they were too late and we got one of the last spots.

Considering this product came out in 2014, I don’t believe that it’s possible that I happen to grab the last spot 3 years later. This is clearly just marketing nonsense.

The video rambles on telling us that we are so close to achieving “insane wealth and massive fortune,” and that we are guaranteed to make “$1,000 in 5 minutes.” The urgency in which the narrator speaks with and his list of unlimited promises really conveys to me that this is a get rich quick scheme.

We are told that after we deposit with the broker that we need to keep our phones on, so that we can get a call from a success coach associated with the EZ Trading Bot. This coach will apparently give us a “sign up bonus worth a cool $15,000, totally free.” Again, this is more bad advice. Taking bonuses will only lock you in with a broker fo a very long period of time, and ensure that you can never withdraw your funds.

Tutorial Video

There is very little information anywhere on the EZ Trading Bot, but I did manage to come across a tutorial video. In this video we are told that other tools are “not able to calculate the effectiveness of each signal in real time, and trading signals without knowing a possible statistical probability of a signal is like flipping a coin.” Yet, all this is saying is that other auto trading systems don’t use a strategy.

This is not news.

The issue I have with this statement, is that the EZ Trading Bot developers aren’t proving that they have a strategy either. They are just attacking other systems, and hoping that this is enough for us to believe that they are the good guys.


There is nothing to be excited about with the EZ Trading Bot. The creators of this system do nothing to establish themselves as a legitimate investment opportunity. The main video is just a guy sitting in a Ferrari yelling at us to deposit immediately or we are going to miss out. The promises he makes in this process makes it seem like he is surely grasping at straws, hoping that we make a poor decision and follow his guidance.

Trading with auto-trading systems like these is always a bad decision when it comes to the binary options market. There are still no auto-trading products that have won consistently for more than a couple of days. Please let me know what you think about EZTB by leaving your comments now.

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