Binary System: Trading With John Review

Trading With John is a new binary options auto trader system promising to predict market movements at an accuracy rate of 80%. According to the developers of the software, this means that traders can earn up to $500 a day with just 30 minutes of work. Considering they are advertising the software as an automated system, it should take less than 2 minutes of work per day, if even that.

Today we will be analyzing this software and taking a closer look at John Miller and what he’s contributed to the binary options market up until this point.

Trading With John Review

Well, if you are trading with John Kane then you would likely be growing your accounts, but that’s not the case. This software has you trading with someone named John Miller.

John Miller

So who is John Miller? In order to truly answer this question we are going to have to rely a little bit on the history of binary options products. The reason for that is the fact that John Miller has absolutely no reputation in the binary options market.

If you do a Google search or if you’ve just been in this market for a long time like myself you will come to the conclusion that John Miller has never contributed anything to the binary options market. Not even a single forum post or article on binary options strategy. This makes John totally unqualified to provide anyone with binary options advice or a trading system.

In fact, the most likely scenario here is that John Miller is an actor being paid by affiliate marketers that are trying to make a quick buck with a poorly written trading software.

Fake News

I don’t want to sound like Donald Trump here but the Trading With John sales page is using a fake magazine called revealed success in order to make it seem like this system has acquired a fair bit of publicity. This magazine does not exist and neither do any of the more news links that associate John with the Financial Time and other news outlets.

This is a common strategy used by developers in the binary options market trying to trick new traders. These strategies are exclusively used by products that fail to deliver.

Fake Results

Not only does the Trading With John software use fake news they also provide us with fake results. If you take a look at the screenshot we’ve provided on the right-hand side you will see that the results section is showing trades that do not exist. In the example we circled you can see the trade in question has a 15 second expiry time. Currently, there are no binary options brokers providing 15 second expiry times. There are a handful of unregulated brokers providing 30 second expiry times and regulated brokers providing one minute expiry times. No 15 second expiry times.


It’s quite clear that the Trading With John system is one that we should stay far away from. This is not a true investment product, it’s a binary options scam. Here at binary today we don’t use the word scam often but when the developer like John Miller provides us with nothing but lies and fake marketing mechanisms to try and make us believe those lies we have to take a hard position.

If you are a new binary options trader or trader that’s just trying to find a real way to be successful in this market that I recommend you check out the binary options 101 guide and video. Here you will be able to see the exact methods and strategies that the binary today community relies upon every single day to trade and grow accounts. Thank you for spending time here and please feel free to leave your comments and questions underneath the article.

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