Roboforex Online: A Robotic scam, is it?

Roboforex Online is a bitcoin investment fund that allows you to trade in bitcoin using an automated system. It claims that you could invest a minimum of $20 and gain a return of 4%. While 4% may seem natural, it is actually very suspicious as this is 4% daily.

The company is not registered and claims to be based in the UK. There is no contact information on their website and the website seems to be missing in the search results. This could mean that the site has become very unpopular or it has been banned. However, if you are unlucky enough to come across such a site, you should consider looking for verifiable contact information first. Of course, they do not provide any such information. A clear sign that a scheme is a scam can be seen in the amount of contact information that they provide.

Roboforex Online review

Roboforex Online is a site that has sprung up online after many people were looking for a quick way to invest online. The website claims that these robots are designed to recognize profitable trades in the market and carry out such trades. Thus, the entire system is based on the assumption that these robots can trade better than human beings. Apart from good trading, the robots would have to be perfect to guarantee a fixed percentage return every day. This is simply impossible. The site also claims that you could make a profit of 300% every month. This means that you could triple your investment every month and the best thing is that it carries no risk at all. This should not fool you, however, as it is impossible.

You may have heard that you can earn thousands of dollars by making simple investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon of bitcoin investing and have lost thousands of dollars to scammers. While a few people have taken their time to understand how bitcoin trading works, many more people have been scammed due to a lack of proper information. If you are looking to invest in bitcoin, you should keep several things in mind. One of them is to thoroughly investigate any site that you plan on investing to see whether it is a scam or not.

Many such sites will claim that they have cutting edge technology that is not being used anywhere else. Roboforex Online is one such site that claims to use robots to trade in bitcoin and make huge profits. Furthermore, they claim that they could make profits daily and these would be multiplied every month. However, you should look deeper into how the site works and decide for yourself whether it is worth investing in.


The strategy behind the Roboforex Online website is not fully clear. They claim that robots can recognize which trades are profitable and trade in these ones. However, they do not specify what would happen if a certain cryptocurrency is losing value. Would the profits be the same? There are no legitimate trading systems that could guarantee a fixed profit every single day by dealing in bitcoin.

While a small profit every day is not an eyebrow-raiser, if you multiply this by 30 days, you’ll see that it claims to be the best investment option in the world. This is simply not true. Therefore, you should always analyze the strategy of such scams to see how they actually plan on making profits. If the strategy does not make sense, it is likely to be a scam.


  • Product: Roboforex Online
  • Company: Unverified
  • Strategy: Trading robots
  • Minimum investment: $20
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer feedback: Negative

Trading Results

If you plan on investing in Roboforex Online you should hold back and review their trading results first. This scheme operates on a system where the robots can earn you minimum profits of 4% every day. You’ll continue to receive the profits every single day. They have different plans where you could invest and earn 10% every day.

This means that the company claims to be able to double your money every 10 days and theoretically you would be able to ripple your money every month (this is insane!). Compare this to the best investment schemes that can only produce a 25% return per year!

You may be interested in looking into other similar platforms…IQ Miners, FX Coin Bot, DAX Robot and Green Millions.

Customer Feedback

Roboforex Online has received many 1 star reviews. Many customers have complained that the company stopped paying them after the initial payments. As they are unverified and unregistered, once they stop paying you, it is very difficult to get your money back. The poor customer reviews indicate that this is a clear scam which you should stay away from.


Roboforex Online is one of the latest scams that promises its investors, the most impossible returns for investing in bitcoin. They use the same old techniques such as claiming that they have the best technology and that they trade using robots. This is merely a way of trying to impress unsuspecting customers and helping the company scam more people.

Have you had an experience with Roboforex Online? Share with us in the comments below!

~ Happy & Safe Trading!

RoboForex Online $20 investment
  • Price - 72%
  • Strategy - 31%
  • Results - 29%
  • Feedback - 21%
  • Support - 74%


4% to 10% per day


No proof

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