Reasons to Avoid: Guaranteed Money System

Today we are looking at Guaranteed Money System by Angela Stevens. There’s no doubt that this is a flawed sales presentation and that’s generally a cover for a terrible product in this market.

So, we will provide you with a review, analysis and point out every single mistake made by the marketers trying to trick us into signing up with this software. For an updated software ratings list click here.

Guaranteed Money System Review

The first promise made by the Guaranteed Money System developers is quite outrageous. They promise that the software will make you $5000 today and $1.3 million in the next 30 days guaranteed. Angela promises that you will be a millionaire within the month. Binary options developers that make promises this large always fail to deliver. If we had to guess, this product will drain your accounts in less than a week.

Upon entering the members area you will see that their “live profits trading table” hasn’t even been updated in 3 weeks. The last trade they are reporting is from January 31st. It doesn’t seem as if the developers are very locked-in with their own promotional materials.

$500,000 Guarantee

The entire premise of the Guaranteed Money System is backed by a $500,000 guarantee provided by Angela Stevens and her law firm, Goldberg Cohen & Associates. There is a written agreement on the sales page that states “Angela Stevens, the creator of the Guaranteed Money System, is legally bound to GUARANTEE that this done-for-you system will make you at least $5,000 in pure profit in the next 24 hours, and at least $1.3 million dollars in profit in the next 30 days.”

How legitimate is this promise? Not legitimate at all. You will find if you do a search for this law firm on google, or in the yellow pages, that it does not exist. This is clearly just a marketing ploy and the guarantee does not exist whatsoever.

Considering, this guarantee is the entire backbone of the product, this makes it useless.


There are three testimonials for the Guaranteed Money System. They are from Ben Leitzel, Casey McDaniel and Jordan Washington. Ben says “somehow God put me in touch with you and your site, and my life has changed forever! Now I make more money than I ever dreamed, you are truly a lifesaver!”

This quote can’t be trusted. Ben Leitzel does not exist, and in fact he’s portrayed many different characters in the binary options market. He often portrays CEO’s of binary options products. He played the CEO of the Royce Code and Insured Outcome. These are obviously fake testimonials.


Avoid the Guaranteed Money System at all costs. Angela Stevens does not have your best interests at heart. The entire sales page is filled with lies, deception and manipulation. The $500,000 guarantee does not exist and you will never get an email response if you try to give them a shot.

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