Push Money App Review

push-money-appPush Money App is s new binary options system. According to the video on the main page we’ve been sent to this page by private invitation only. We are told that they “just went live and the money is moving fast.” Considering I see this web page being advertised all over the internet, I don’t believe the private invitation claim.

Today I will review what this system has to offer and let the Binary Today readers leave their thoughts and opinions below the article.

Push Money App Review

As I’ve grown to expect the Push Money App website is a simple video and email subscription form layout. This means I will have to be extracting a lot of the information I provide you with from the video. This is a tedious task but I will obviously analyze what they say so you know what to expect. The video starts off with a man meeting us at the front door. After a quick introduction he flashes us his cell phone three times which shows money increasing by thousands every few seconds. I’m not really sure where these numbers are coming from or if I can trust them. I can easily show you my phone three times with three different numbers on it, doesn’t prove anything.

Then, we are told that the accounts he showed us weren’t even his, they were one of the new members of his Push Money App who signed up just five minutes ago. The narrator of this video who I assume is one of the owners tells us that he’s going to pay us for the time we spend with him today. He shows us a $1000 check with no name on it and says that all he has to do is write your name on it. He promises that if we watch the whole video he will give us the check or give us an opportunity to print checks like this every hour. As the video continues it becomes more and more seemingly like a get rich quick scheme. It’s all flash and no follow up.

I won’t be recommending the Push Money App to the binary today readers at this point in time. I really don’t get a good feeling from this web page. The video is shiny but doesn’t really have any substance. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below the review now. Thanks in advance.

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