Protected Profits

protected-profitsProtected Profits is a new binary options product. The developers of this software tell the binary community that this system comes from a secret hedge fun trick that leaked from wall street. They expect the strategy to earn traders $2000 a day without the risk of losing a single trade ever again.

Today I’ll be providing a close analysis and review of this product so that the binary today readers can understand if this is too good to be true.

Protected Profits Review

The protected profits website consists of a videom an email subscription form, a few testimonial videos and a frequently asked questions section. Right under the video there is a statement that reads “Due to recently being featured on TV, we cannot guarantee a license will be available. As of Monday, September 14th 2015 we have a limited amount of licences available.” Underneath this we see images of Skynews, NBC, CBC News, TNW and Bloomberg. I assume they mean that their product is being featured on these networks because that’s who they’ve included on their site. Yet, I’ve gone to all of these media outlets web resources and I’ve found no information about this software. It seems that it has not appeared on any of these networks. I hope this deception isn’t on purpose, but it’s hard to give developers the benefit of the doubt in the binary options market.

As I mentioned above the protected profits software provides video profit journals (testimonials) from some of their clients. The videos are all quite similar, each person has two 30 second videos. In the first video they deposit money and in the second they show us an increased account balance. They never show us any actual trading history. I would like to see if these trading diaries continue over a long period of time. Two videos just showing us images of their accounts is an indication but hardly proof of actual trading results.

Today I won’t be recommending protected profits to the binary today readers. I feel that this product is in it’s early stages and I would like to see how it performs over a long period of time before getting involved. If the community is excited about this system in 3-4 months then I will reconsider my position, but until then I’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else. If you want to add your opinion please leave a comment now. Thanks for spending time here at Binary Today and let’s start the week strong.

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