Binary Samurai

binary-samuraiBinary Samurai is a binary options system that is telling traders it has the potential to make over $800 day. The people that are putting the software to market believe that their product is the most profitable binary options system ever shown in video.

In my review today I’ll be taking a close look at the system and what it has to offer the binary today community.

Binary Samurai Review

The Binary Samurai website has a video, an email subscription form, testimonials and live results they claim are real because of third-party account verification by trade verify. In the research I’ve done about the trade verify website I have found nothing that indicates that it even does anything quite frankly. The results on the website shows the expiry time but does not show the time that the trades are being open so it’s hard for me to verify these personally.

Here are some of the aspects of the Binary Samurai software that the development team is trying to push.

  • Works on all computers automatically
  • 98.72% accuracy
  • 100% free use for life
  • Leaps and bounds above the others
  • Cutting edge trading tech inside

I find it odd that the video on the front page says that they have an 88% accuracy rate because this contradicts the 98% accuracy rate they claim to have on the same page. I would like to get some clarification about this discrepancy as at this point it is a major red flag.

Binary Samurai Conclusion

Today I won’t be giving Binary Samurai the binary today recommendation. It’s not because I believe it is a terrible software anything of that sort. I just have not yet tested it myself so I can’t put my neck out on the line. This is a free binary options system so we have to be quite cautious in our approach because no free system has succeeded in this market yet despite hundreds being released. Our best course of action is to have patience and let those users without patience the guinea pigs. Thank you for coming to binary today, I hope that you enjoyed this review and that it helps to gain insight into the market and what your plan should be moving forward.

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