Pearson Profits Review

pearson-profitsPearson profits is a new binary options system providing free access to their software that supposedly made over $2 million in March for its clients. This is an automated system powered on a mathematics engine.

Today I’ll be reviewing the system and letting you know if it’s a worthwhile trading opportunity.

Pearson Profits Review

The Pearson profits webpage is just like all the other automated binary options systems that came before it. The promises are grand and it really comes across like a get rich quick scheme. The developers of the system claim that Pearson profiteers generate upwards of $50,000 a month with a maximum profit of around $350,000 per month. They promote the system as an automated solution but they also say on the website one hour per day will work well which insinuates that there is a way to use the system manually. I don’t believe this to be true.

Front and center on the Pearson profits website is their social network testimonials. This is right at the front of the webpage so it’s obvious that this is the way they want to put their best foot forward. The problem is, these testimonials aren’t real. We can see the right-hand column of the testimonials are supposed to be from Twitter because they are tweeting @pearsonprofits and using the hashtag as well. Yet, when I go onto Twitter and search for this Twitter account, it doesn’t exist. Also, because Twitter is 100% public you can find any tweet at any time easily, but none of these tweets can be found, so they do not exist.

I am not going to recommend Pearson profits at this point in time. The developers of the software had a choice when they’re putting together their website what they wanted to do with it. In my opinion, they made the wrong choice. They try to put their best foot forward in the best foot was a lie. When I’m investing my money I do not invest in liars because they could easily be lying about everything else on the webpage as well. They provide us with no proof or reason for us to get involved. The technical aspects of their software are never explained and they can’t even spell mathematics correctly. Please let me know what you think about this binary options software by leaving a remark below the article now.

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