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pay-my-vacationPay My Vacation is a new binary options product by Jack James promising to securely make traders over $17,000 a day. It’s funny, I did a review last week explaining how scammers always use two first names for their fake identities. Here we have another case of that with Jack James. It’s actually a famous saying that you shouldn’t trust someone with two first names. I guess this is why.

Today I’ll be providing a review that details just how poorly I feel this presentation and product is.

Pay My Vacation Review

bikini-clad-womenThe Pay My Vacation sales page rests on the image of a deep blue ocean with no stress in sight. The video at the front of the page starts off with a few bikini clad women swimming through a pool at a luxurious resort. Don’t get me wrong, like any other testosterone filled male I have trouble averting my eyes from this video but that doesn’t make it a good investment. It’s really not professional at all. A true investor shouldn’t be pulled in by women in bikinis and sandy beaches. While this is all well and good it has nothing to do with binary options trading. It’s really just a distraction, and what they are distracting us from is a mediocre product.

The product itself is barely ever discussed at all. Instead we are shown a wonderful journey and promised that we can join an exclusive group of millionaire vacationers if we sign up with Pay My Vacation. The entire concept is wrong. It comes across like a get rich quick scheme and nothing else.

Detailed Video

Testimonials & Results

The testimonials are equally as disappointing as the rest of the website. There are three videos that show us the properties of Helena Robertson, Simon Adkins and Dan Rogers. Oddly enough, each video just looks like a promotional spot that could have been recored by anyone. The three members area never present in any of the videos so we can’t verify their existence.


As for Pay My Vacation results, even worse. If you enter the members area there is a title “where will you live when you start profiting like this?” Underneath this title is an image from MT4 of a chart from May 2014. The chart doesn’t show any trades at all, and there is no trading data. There is no profit shown on the image at all. This makes me believe that hte developer of this system doesn’t even know how to trade. Which is exceptionally concerning.


Don’t sign up with Pay My Vacation. This system is not going to be able to produce over $17,000 a day in profits. It will more than likely drain your entire account in less than a week. There is nothing in the sales page that indicates that this software will provide any measure of success and so we have to move on. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.

If you are new to binary options or you are just tired of autotrading system scams then I suggest you read through my August Income Report and see what’s working for me and the rest of the Binary Today community. Thanks for spending time here and I hope that you come back again.

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