Our Thoughts On The DupliCash App

Today we are providing our thoughts on the DupliCash App, binary options trading system. According to the sales page, traders can expect to “make $2000 a day by copying trades of professional traders.” We’ve certainly seen promises like these in the past, and they never seem to translate into actual profits.

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DupliCash App Review

The DupliCash App sales page video wants traders to imagine what it’s like to make $500 every 5 minutes. This is how they introduce us to their product, and it really comes across like a get rich quick scheme. There are many binary options products in this market that rely heavily on sensationalizing their product as a means to cast a wide net and catch as many clients as possible.

As a rule, trading systems that promise $2000 a day, and $500 every 5 minutes a single breath later, are only going to lose you your account. They are attempting to tell you everything that you want to hear so that you make a brash decision, and rush into this investment.

Eduard Mason

The creator of the DupliCash App goes by Eduard Mason. Yet, as is frequently the case in the binary options market, if you do a search for Eduard you will come up empty. On top of that, The image used to show us what Eduard looks like is a stock photo that can be purchased and used by anyone. Thus, Eduard doesn’t exist.

Social Networks

The other means of proving that the DupliCash app is a worthwhile software is by showing us Tweets and Facebook posts. As you likely know, with Twitter you can actually search for posts, using the search function or just clicking on the hash tag. Every single post on the sales page is hashtagged #duplicash so you can go onto Twitter, search this tag and be able to see all of these posts and verify their legitimacy.

Sadly, if you go into Twitter to verify these posts, you will see that they don’t exist. This is clearly a clever and deceptive marketing practice. There is no Reece F that “already made $7500 today.”

This type of marketing is horrendous and makes the intentions of this developer quite obvious.


The DupliCash App developer is trying to trick traders by promising huge gains and using fake social network testimonials. It is very easy to see that the people behind this product are only out for their own best interests. Anything written on the website or spoken in the video cannot be trusted.

Let me know what you think about this product by leaving your comments below the article.

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