Medallion App Review

medallion-appMedallion App is a binary options trading system that claims to deliver $2,300 in daily profits since it’s release. The developer of this system is a relative new comer to the binary options market, James Simons. This is the first product he’s released and there isn’t any information online that connects him to binary trading.

Today I’ll review this product and let you know all the important aspects I feel need to be uncovered.

Medallion App Review

The medallion app is built to provide traders with returns higher than 81%. I assume they mean that this is their winning ratio. There is a 10 minute YouTube video on the front page that currently has just over 100 views. The narrator in the video is not the same person we see in the image on the front page of the web site. The narrator tells us that like Willy Wonka, they have the golden ticket to help traders win big in the stock market. The video goes on to tell us about James Simons and his extremely profitable hedge fund. While James’ accomplishments are certainly impressive, there’s nothing on this web-site that directly links him to the project. Yes, we are told that he is behind this project but I don’t see why a multi-millionaire of his caliber would be interested in the binary options market. Moreover, if he is the one behind this system I believe he would not only be in the video, but have put together a more impressive production than a green screen slide show.

Obviously I am skeptical about the medallion app and I don’t want to be too harsh but the questions I’m asking need to be asked. Don’t you think it’s odd that James isn’t part of the video? It’s a little concerning to me. Also, the image on the front page of the website isn’t James Simons either, as we are shown images of him in the video and we can see his image by doing a google search. I don’t want to be hung up on this one issue but it’s something I need resolved before I can get involved.

At this point in time I’m not recommending the binary options medallion app. The video makes me question the validity of the system, and who the developer behind this project truly is. If it is ‘the James Simons’ hopefully we will receive a comment underneath the article explaining to us why he isn’t in the video. If you have any questions just leave a comment below or click Ask John at the top of the web page. I do my best to get to every question and comment on the site as fast as I can.

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