Mass Income Generator

mass-income-generatorMass income generator is a new binary options software by a new developer, Jason Powell. He’s telling traders that he’s made over $4.5 million dollars using this system and now he’s making it available to the entire binary community.

Today I’ll be reviewing the software and informing the binary today readers about it’s potential profitability.

Mass Income Generator Review

The mass income generator web-site consists of a short binary video, an email subscription form and a few counters. The counter on the right hand side of the page is constantly ticking up and it says that over 5000 people are waiting to watch the video. I have gone onto this page from multiple different browsers, my virtual private server and no matter what I always end up on the page, and never in this queue despite this claim that over 5000 people are waiting. On the left hand side it says that 0 copies are available but if I refresh the page or enter my email it still works.

Right underneath the video there is a phrase that says “by entering your email and clicking the button you agree to never speak of mass income generator or the money you make using the code.” This is odd to me. It feels like the developers are trying to make this system seem like some sort of a secret like fight club but yet it’s bombarding my email inbox. I’ve seen this in other binary options products in the past and it’s not a good sign. This system should be living on it’s merit as a trading software and focused on it’s results.

Today I won’t be recommending the mass income generator to the binary today readers. I need more information on this software before I can truly make a decision. From what I see in the sales page I am not interested. The marketing methods being used are deceitful and not helpful in helping me determine whether or not this is a proper investment opportunity. I have a few more reviews to do this week and I’ll jump on that soon. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that this review helps you make the right decision.


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